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I had bought the bottles from a second hand shop in the local market. The wily shopkeeper, seeing an inexperienced young person excited at finding what she was looking for, charged me more than what the bottles were worth. 201 more words

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She cut through the swathes of money plant surrounding and hiding the house. Her mother had loved to nurture it because of the belief that it brought wealth. 337 more words


Best Plants for O2, Air Quality & Air Purification

I love a Ted Talk, it’s in my ‘happiness quadrant’ (an activity that has present and future benefits)

I have more allergies than you could shake a stick at, ever since primary school I was always the wheezy kid that passed out every time someone used glue or air freshener. 163 more words


3 step Terrarium!

Just wanted to share this really simple terrarium that I made, it encourages recycling and looks great when finished!

All you will need to do is follow these 3 simple steps. 132 more words


The Sicilian Garden

This post isn’t anything too amazing; it’s just a few photos of my favourite plants in my garden in Sicily.

OK, actually it is fairly amazing that I never killed them! 50 more words


Money plants in bottles

Do you like the money plant? I do. It’s quaint and classy and doesn’t need much ado to keep it going.

The money plant is legendary actually. 376 more words