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Lines and Vines

As lines and vines merge

The reality of the

Similarity of our existence


I exhale, you inhale

You exhale, I inhale

We both exist…


Free plants! (Part 1)

Today I’m going to try something new!

I’m going to see if I can grow some baby succulents from leaf cuttings. I have some small money plants (babies grown from a GIANT plant owned by my husband’s auntie) and I have a small sempervivum, or houseleek as they are commonly known. 104 more words


this is mine

A short story

Titiksha knocked on the door. The lady opened the door. The lady was wearing a sleeveless knee-length dress; it was an indigo blue. 700 more words


Home is where the heart is/was/ought to be.

WEll well well. What have we here? A blog!

Sorry it has taken so long, I have been rather busy moving house, being homeless and making home. 1,188 more words

New Pictures Today

Well this afternoon I went out to get some pics of the “new” trees, the ones I thought were not as nice as last year…but I was wrong, I’m happy to say.   130 more words

This And That

Table decor

Great book with gorgeous photos. My side table book collection