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Table decor

Great book with gorgeous photos. My side table book collection


One Four Review. December - 4

This is the latest version of the money plant.

Money, we hope, grows on trees and plants.


What did I do? I combined the 1000 rupee note with the plant, reduced the opacity of the layer, added in a DXO film pack effect to the rupee note. 34 more words


One Four Challenge. December Review

I have put in the four images that I had uploaded for this challenge in the slide show above. As I have mentioned, this was an exercise in editing fun, both for and not for the challenge. 62 more words


I never seen a Money Plant flower before!!

My Grandma has a Money plant which is over 40 years old, it has never flowered! I took a leaf from it five years ago it’s flowering now!! 45 more words


The Money Plant in the Garden

Money plant known also as Lunaria are called so because their leaves resemble coins. It is really a beautiful plant to have in your garden. They are easy to grow and flower bi-annually. 173 more words