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Get Your Pet Supplies Delivered. Seriously!

As I’ve mentioned in previous product or service posts, I make no money or any form of compensation for mentioning products or services that I like. 328 more words

97 Ways To Save Money With Ease

The “97 Ways To Save Money Easily” is available in a download able simple .exe format.

Send “97 Money Savers” to “kingnath360@gmail.com” or “+2348147437272″ to get your FREE copy. 19 more words


Saved $54 - Bit proud

As most women know, haircuts are expensive…..averaging about $60AUD where I live, just for a haircut. I’m allergic to their shampoos and hate having my hair straightened/styled as the 21 year old that is usually doing it makes me look like a vamped up teenager, not the look I go for usually. 303 more words

Self Sufficiency

Dealing with Health Care Bills

You get a bill. You read it and are like, “What the F&^%$#@!???”

Sadly, in these times you have to become your own health care advocate and expert (which I highly recommend, especially if you have a lot of health issues). 855 more words

Hydrogen Peroxide as an Air Freshener and Inhalant to Prevent Illness

I previously posted on making your own scented air freshener here.  The nice thing about this air freshener is that you can choose your own scent. 185 more words

Get strainers for all your household drains

My reasoning may seem silly or obvious but I have strainers in all the drains in my apartment.

The kitchen strainer has been great to catch things not meant for the garbage disposal (like when you break a glass, etc.). 313 more words

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman // Getting out of Mobile Phone Contract [Money Saver, 2015]

Consumer Rights // This is a very important link for us in the Outer West. Phone reception may not be great at times. If you have a complaint and are tired of being given the runaround by the telcos, get your voice/s heard through the proper channel with the… 201 more words