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Okay so I know I suck at this whole blogging thing, and this isn’t going to get any likes or feedback lol. But I wanted to share this! 178 more words

Drugstore Dupes - for the face

Hey Y’all! I’ve rounded up my favorite drugstore dupes and just had to share ’em with you! Today we’re focusing on beauty products for the face. 237 more words


A Great Way for Storing and Switching out Seasonal Wardrobes

I’ve always struggled with having enough space to store my seasonal clothes and shoes.  A few years ago I changed my storage routine for the better. 305 more words

Clothing Tips: Organizing Your Clothes to Quickly Find What you Need and Other Clothing Tips

I have a mild case of O.C.D. so hopefully some of you will benefit from my disorder. :-)

I use to struggle with a way to keep my clothes organized so I when was running late for work (daily) I could quickly grab something that would fit and be comfortable. 445 more words

Keep dish towels and Bath Towels Water Absorbant

Many people find over time that their dish and bath towels become nonabsorbant and almost seem to repel water.

Luckily this has a very easy solution. 94 more words

Better 'Hop' to it!

Karina’s ‘Fresh’ Environmental Cooking Tip!

Pictured far left: Tamie, my Dog.

Pictured far right: Floppy.

My brother has a rabbit. His name is Floppy, however, he has many nick names. 171 more words

A non-toxic, scent free air freshener you can make at home

Buy a spray bottle or re-use an empty one you have cleaned out.  Fill it up half way with new hydrogen peroxide. Fill up the other half with water.   62 more words