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Big Spender Benders

Why is spending money so fun? Oh right, because it can pretty much provide for anything tangible you can dream of. It’s clear that splurging shouldn’t be a daily occurence if you’re balling on a national-average-salary budget (which is still an accomplishment in of itself!-yay employment) 391 more words


Going, Going, Gone!

When you are always on the go, you get hungry of course! It’s easy to want to just grab something quick and head out to do whatever you have to do for that day. 271 more words


Swoop in and Swap out

Have you ever felt the pressure to buy things you know might not be worth it, but feels comforting in the moment? Well, stop it right here! 715 more words


Summer Edition: Pink Leather and Blue Dress

Even though it’s still technically Summer, the weather here in the Northwest has seemed to flip the ‘on switch’ for Fall. It’s a funny thing living here in Oregon, experiencing three months of sunshine and then nine months of rainfall. 100 more words


Hey Mac!

This 😀😅😂🤑💻

All in a day's work..............

Lately I  have been unmotivated, overwhelmed and highly strung to say the least. There has been so much going on in mine and the girls life I was honestly starting to wonder when I would get a break…. 170 more words

Essential Oils

Plains & Prints Warehouse Sale

i had a bit of free time so after folded & hung, my 3 year old and I went to the Plains & Prints warehouse sale. 109 more words