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Laundry Detergent (A Radom, Bonus, Money-Saving Thing!)

A lot of times, the things that people do to “save money” just make me shake my head. ¬†Like the people who do the extreme couponing? ¬† 1,135 more words

Laundry Detergent

Panasonic Bread Maker

I had been tempted before but managed to resist each time the Lakeland catalogue dropped through my letterbox, with its promise of a shiny new gadget emitting heaven personified in the shape of freshly baked bread. 952 more words


A Simple Snack

A simple snack like apples and tea are great on a sunny day! :3 Although it may look small, it is actually pretty filling. I need to start eating healthier. 134 more words


Medication free help during allergy season

I have really bad allergies to every kind of pollen and my allergies are bothering me which I know will last until August.

I am on both prescription and over the counter medicine but I find this trick really helpful as soon as I come indoors and I can often avoid taking something like Benadryl right away. 182 more words

Makeup Eraser for All

Makeup Eraser is great for sensitive skin! All you need to use with this soft cloth is warm water!! No harsh cleansers, removers OR chemicals! Gently exfoliate your skin, while removing ALL makeup! 69 more words

New MUE colors

Makeup Eraser now comes in 3 colors!

Original Pink Makeup Eraser

New men’s style, in black

And powder puff blue!

Coming soon: New MUE product line

On July 1, 2015, Makeup Eraser is adding to their product line. Not only will we offer the classic Pink Makeup Eraser, but we will now have a light blue and men’s black. 53 more words