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Websites You Better Know to Save Money

We all want to save money in this economy, especially if you have a family. These are just a lit of some of the websites and programs that can help you save money. 399 more words

Saving Money

Buy and Save Holidays

As we come up on the holidays shopping will be at an all time high and stores will be packed. Here are some tips we have picked up along the way to help you save money while buying. 407 more words


Saving Money at Christmas

With the holidays coming up we are all freaking out about how we are going to afford all the gifts, meals, and other things. Here are some simple ideas for saving money and making the most of your holiday season. 220 more words


September Shelf Shopping | The End

Whoops, this never posted! …Whelp! Here we go!

On October 10, the night before the packers came, we had the our clean the cupboards event. It was pretty simple. 172 more words

Home Organization

Στην Κύπρο νοικιάζουν τα φέρετρα €100 και τα επιστρέφουν μετά την ταφή!

Το κόστος μια κηδείας, είναι και στην Κύπρο όπως και στην Ελλάδα αρκετά υψηλό, για κάποιους σχεδόν δυσβάσταχτο. Για ορισμένους, λοιπόν, η ενοικίαση φερέτρου αποτελεί μία καλή λύση για να μπορέσουν να αποχαιρετήσουν με αξιοπρέπεια τους αγαπημένους τους. Και όπως φαίνεται, στην Κύπρο αυτό συμβαίνει ήδη σε αρκετές περιοχές, όπως γράφει η εφημερίδα «Φιλελεύθερος».


Silicone Sponges - YAY or NAY??

Have you seen the movie Inside Out?  The character Disgust is usually wearing the face I make when I see a gross, old dish sponge. 451 more words


Earn money decluttering your unwanted stuff. Sell for free on Vinted.

Are you a shopaholic or maybe a hoarder? You want to clear out your stuff but your put off by eBay’s seller fee? Well, it’s time to clear out your unwanted clothes and your children stuff and sell them for free at vinted. 163 more words