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Low FODMAP - Quick Food

It can be really annoying having to cut so much out of your diet but don’t be disheartened.  There are still plenty of ways to enjoy your food, you can still eat out and you won’t have to spend every waking hour preparing gluten free, fructose free, dairy free etc… snacks.  750 more words


I'm not mean, I am creative with my money!

And that’s what it’s all about! Being frugal to me means being creative with the money I have to have the best life I can. It’s not about depriving myself of all life’s pleasures, it’s to do with realising that many of those pleasures don’t cost much except time and effort. 257 more words

Money Saving

Free £5 to spend on gift cards!

If you haven’t heard of Zeek, the new mobile app, you’re missing out!

People buy and sell unwanted shop gift cards on there for popular shops like TK Maxx, H&M, Love2Shop, Asda and loads more! 142 more words

Money + Saving

10 things to do with an old plastic bottle

I don’t know about you but we tend to get through loads of bottles in our household and I hate to throw anything away if it can be reused / recycled.  199 more words


We all like to save a bit of money, especially with increasing food prices and growing toddlers!

I’ve been reading a lot recently about money saving apps, so thought I’d give one a go.   150 more words

Money Saving

{ I Am Now Obsessed with My Embosser! }

A few weeks ago I posted about how excited I was to order an embosser to use for Thirty-One….

So, in case you were wondering how much I love it… 16 more words

Thirty One

5 Tips for Managing a Tight Budget

I’m currently on a fixed income; I’m a single parent who sadly was better off financially and mentally not working. I miss working terribly but for now it’s best all round if I just don’t. 903 more words