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Spend It. Save It. Make It. - February

Phew!! Where did January go? I feel like I simply blinked and missed it which seems crazy! I feel like it was really busy…but when I think back, nothing stands out really as being overly time consuming! 387 more words


Homemade Yogurt

We go through quite a lot of yogurt in our house. We use yogurt as a substitute for sour cream, dips, and dressings. We love eating it with granola or fruit or mixing it into our smoothies! 468 more words

Make that a frugal month...

Shortly after posting the other day about how frugal my week needed to be, I broke the vacuum cleaner beyond repair. Up until that point we had been getting along quite nicely with it, it had a few issues but nothing we couldn’t deal with, still, we had been thinking about buying a new one at some point and my clumsiness forced my hand. 273 more words

Money Saving

Monday Meal Plan - A very frugal week

Currently writing this down snuggled in bed with Teffy snoozing beside me in his basket. I intended to take a nap but have had all these thoughts flying around of how we can have a week of food from our store cupboards. 197 more words

Money Saving

Back again...

Wow that was a whirlwind of a few months. Teffy is now sleeping a bit more regularly (she says hopefully) so I decided I should really post again, to help me focus on my goals: 188 more words

Money Saving

Cutting back painlessly 

Still feeling the pinch after Christmas? I blogged the other day about making extra money, but my ideas may not be feasible for everyone. If you can trim all the flab off your spending and make things leaner that will have the same impact as extra income. 563 more words

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Why the 365 Day Money Saving Challenge Will Cost You

It’s January!! That means that your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds are all full to the brim with well-intentioned and motivating quotes, ideas, challenges and goals. 691 more words