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What? No tumble dryer?

I have no tumble dryer – too expensive to run, I have nowhere to put one, and they aren’t very environmentally friendly in my view. However, I HATE having laundry drying all over the house, especially as the kitten sees the clothes horse as her personal climbing frame and it all ends up all over the floor anyway!! 324 more words

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A festival - for free!

Money saved: £39.50 per person (based on the cost of attending a local festival on a day ticket the following weekend)

Time taken: As much as you want to invest… 345 more words

Money Saving

Christmas Money Saving

Okay…I know it’s August so don’t get mad but…CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

In fact…Christmas is…

Four months* or…
17 weeks* or…
117 days or…
2808 hours* or… 752 more words


Money Saving Moggies

Money saved: £75!

Time taken: 7 minutes

So I had a letter through yesterday about renewing Little Cat’s insurance.  Rather than just renew which is what I usually do, I decided to look for a better deal online. 160 more words

Money Saving

Save £££'s on days out!!

The other day I saw a deal for Kids Pass where I managed to back one of these passes for only £19.99 (usually £59.99).  And now you can too, scroll down for my promotional link where you can bag a years kid pass for only £19.99 per household. 75 more words

Money Saving

Saving Money on your Food Shop

Bills. Bills are rubbish. We all have them. Some of them we begrudge paying. They are all necessary evils. We’re in the midst of really weird (and difficult for some) financial times. 774 more words


Shopping and Eating Smarter!

Money saved: At least £20

Time taken: No more time than usual!

I am already very averse to food waste. It runs in my family. 828 more words

Money Saving