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The Best Way to Save on Netflix

It’s been a long week, and I am exhausted, but this is a time limited opportunity, so I felt compelled to write about it so I could share it before it’s too late.  380 more words

Money Saving Tips

My Capsule Closet Journey

One of my favorite things to do is shop.  I’m not kidding, I could just walk around a mall all day without a dollar in my pocket.  350 more words


Wanna save a little more on groceries?

So I’m actually super pumped about this new way to save a little extra money. Probably because I got my first $20 from it this week (hooray!). 220 more words

Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Hacks For the New Year

If you ask 100 people what their New Year’s Resolution was for 2018, probably 98 of them would tell you “Lose Weight.” So let’s just say the word Fat doesn’t enter the conversation. 810 more words

Free Gas? Yes, Please!

Just over a year ago, I heard about a new phone app, while listening to the radio. It was called GetUpside and it offered cash back on gas purchases, something that I have to buy at least once a week. 536 more words

Money Saving Tips

52 Week Money Challenge - Ready, Set, Go!

Saving money is tough….especially when you are in your teens and 20’s! We’re counting every penny and it’s really hard not to spend it, let alone save it! 243 more words

Money Saving Tips

Save a Ton of Money on Your Vehicle

A new vehicle immediately loses a bleep ton of value as soon as you drive it off the dealers lot.

Then again, buying a used car can be a crap shoot, but if you can be relatively assured of getting a good value from a trusted friend or family member for a used car, that’s better than wasting money on a new vehicle. 443 more words

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