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Nearly Half of U.S. Households Would Struggle With an Unexpected $400 Expense: Fed Study

Shedding light on the precarious economic state of many American families, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday that nearly half of U.S. households reported they would have trouble meeting emergency expenses of just $400. 149 more words


Money Smart: Chai Energy App

The average California household pays about $90.00 a month in electricity bill, but with scientists estimating that this summer will be the hottest on record, keeping cool may crank that number up. 74 more words

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Six Financial Benefits of Getting Married

While love is its own reward, the many financial benefits available to married couples can have you both feeling especially joyful. Here’s are six ways getting married can save you a ton of money. 458 more words

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Social Security Myths vs. Facts: Money Smart

Social security affects the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans…yet its ever changing rules, applications, plus payouts are often misunderstood. To boost your benefit knowledge, in this Money Smart our Glen Walker helps families tackle the tough topic. 35 more words

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Fake Fortune? : Money Smart

According to a new report- the business of being fake is booming! Recent numbers calculate, counterfeit goods rake in $461 billion bucks globally. In this Money Smart, our Glen Walker investigates why all that dough on duds can bust the real budget. 32 more words

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