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Money Velocity And The Impending Economic Collapse

Money velocity is a measurement of how quickly currency changes hands and moves through the economy. The faster it changes hands, the healthier the economy is. 72 more words


What the Fed doesn’t know…can hurt us

At the Federal Reserve, they call it “Secular Stagnation,” but before we dive into that, a little foundation.

Prior to the creation of the Federal Reserve (a central bank), the U.S. 740 more words


Why the real velocity of money has not declined

People still cling to the myth that the velocity of money has declined in the last 10 years or so. Because of the way the so called money velocity is calculated newly created money must increase gross domestic product in order to affect the money velocity value. 213 more words

How the US ended up exporting inflation

This article appeared originally in Gulf News: link to original article

I am constantly fascinated by the whole dilemma of dealing with currencies, their values, and the effect of their appreciation or depreciation on countries and their economies. 674 more words

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Economic Distortions

Here at MarginRich.com, I mention Jeremy Grantham and his firm GMO quite a bit. That is for two very big reasons. Number 1, he and his firm manage in excess of $100 billion for the biggest institutional investors across the land. 2,571 more words


5 Reasons Why 2014 Will Be a Tough Year and the One Reason it Won’t

At the beginning of the year we saw many red flags that warned of a tough 2014 trading year. However, those warning signals were easily blown away by the strong February recovery. 469 more words

S&P 500

#MoneyVelocity ; The Economic Recovery's Gas Pedal

by @anarchyroll

What is money velocity? It is the speed at which the M2 money supply moves from one transaction to another.  What is the M2 money supply? 463 more words