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Private Colleges Target Community College Grads - By Jon Marcus May 27, 2015 | 12:01 a.m. EDT

With enrollment declining, longstanding barriers to transfers are falling.

Mount Olive and a handful of other private, nonprofit institutions have long histories of enrolling community college students. 250 more words


Why Does Fiat Seemingly Work?

Fiat is a perversion of value, it may act as a medium of exchange but it is conceived in deceit, backed by violence and reliant on the apathy, ignorance and insouciance of the slave population. 6,087 more words

Modern Slavery

Yes, Money Can Be Divinely Inspired!

Yes, Divine Inspiration can involve money.

Meditation is a regular morning event in my life, and this morning, an  item of  focus has been how to work with a very creative, blessed, talented acquaintance when all of our efforts in the past have not borne fruit.   121 more words



I received this most interesting email today telling me somebody want to give me 4 million dollars! Strangely, the money comes from Nigeria! Anybody else got any generous (unknown) benefactors over there? 423 more words


Certain realities of money

Money. A reality and necessity of living. Especially in the wealthy, developed land we live in. A reality that has recently given me a not-so subtle kick in the pants. 625 more words

How To Save Money After A Divorce

For both men and women, there’s more than just the pain of separation that needs to be dealt with after a divorce. You also need to start putting your life back together and learn how to live on your own. 12 more words

Simple Ways to Save Money

How can you invest on some things you want if you don’t have enough money? Save first and invest later!

Saving money requires discipline. I know this is difficult and boring but this small act can make a difference over time. 461 more words