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Goodbye Stuff! My Minimizing Journey... (videos)

I admit it, I’m kind of obsessed with minimizing these days. So I’m doing the intense work of unloading many, many things that I thought I would keep forever. 59 more words

Ariel's World

A Story of a Big Dream and a Single, Small Step by CARL RICHARDS


You’ve heard the one about the consultant who hung it all up to write a cookbook, right? No, really. She well understood the power of micro-steps.

Published: November 20, 2017 at 06:00PM


Financial Freedom (Part 4 of 4)-Depreciation

In part 4 of the beginning financial freedom series I will talk about depreciation. So far I’ve talked about cash flow, equity and appreciation. Those three parts of real estate and financial freedom have to do with physically making money and building real wealth. 1,003 more words

Cold War

Yes we are still at war with each other. The enemy is trying his hardest to get closer yet he still stumbles and fall.

Got annoyed with him yesterday as we were supposed to be at my parents by 6pm and well he decided to go to his sister’s at around 4ish to grab his banana wrapped in sticky rice rolls. 153 more words


That independent life.

So, living on your own can be a somewhat daunting task. For me, it was the complete opposite – though that might stem from being an only child – I was used to being on my own and keeping myself occupied. 332 more words


personal notes.

There are a few ways that I’ve learned that you can utilize online to make a little money here and there. Some take a bit of work, some are just as easy as a sign up. 112 more words


How This Couple Went From Making $76,000 To $1 Million A Year

(Source: www.forbes.com)

In the spring of 2012, Shane and Jocelyn Sams, now 38 and 36 respectively, were Kentucky schoolteachers each making $38,000 a year. Shane was a high school social studies teacher and football coach, and Jocelyn was an elementary school librarian. 3,715 more words

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