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'It's been tough': Federal civil servants lament 4 years of issues with Phoenix pay system

Approximately 100 people gathered in downtown Edmonton Wednesday to voice their continued concerns over the Phoenix pay system.

The federal government brought in the system four years ago for all employees and it continues to be plagued with issues. 474 more words


How to Choose Items that you Can Sell to Make Money

You probably have something at home that you don’t have any use of anymore. Those items are insignificant to us that we don’t even know where to keep them and how to take care of them. 383 more words


One of Porsche's First Supercars Is Heading to Auction—and It Could Fetch up to $1.25 Million

Like a Canadian tuxedo or a feathered mullet, the Porsche 959 epitomizes the ‘80s. It was the poster car for a generation and something which, unlike those other two trends, a lot of people would love to take for another spin. 366 more words


Shelved Suncor thermal oilsands project gets approval from Alberta government

The Alberta government has approved an application by Suncor Energy Inc. to build a 40,000-barrel-per-day thermal oilsands project but construction is unlikely to start any time soon. 215 more words


Hackers Tricked Self-Driving Teslas Into Accelerating 50 MPH With a Piece of Tape

Hackers have figured out a way to fool Tesla’s self-driving Autopilot system, and all it took was a piece of tape.

On Wednesday, the MIT Technology Review… 372 more words


This Ultra-Rare Lamborghini Could Rake In up to $2.5 Million at Auction

One could argue there are three categories of collectible cars. The first would be examples from bygone eras, when electronics meant a Delco radio. The second would be vehicles from the dawn of the technological age, when turbos and adjustable suspensions first hit the road. 629 more words