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The Ultimate Secret To Success

If anyone ever wondered how to be successful, yes you do have to put in the work. Working hard isn’t everything. The best business partner you can have and ultimately trust with your life is God. 100 more words

Millionaire Mindset

Learning Points from James Bridle's TED Talk on "The Nightmare Videos of Children's Youtube - and What's Wrong with the Internet Today"

If you have a child, the easiest way to entertain him is to pass him a smart device, go to a youtube kids channel, then set the autoplay on so that your child can watch videos while you are busy doing your own thing. 263 more words

TED Talk

How reading self help book change my life

Hello guys.. I hope you guys are doing absolutely fine. It is fact that most of the successful peoples are reader .billionaire like bill gates , warren buffet admit that they spent most of their time reading books. 499 more words

Just Do More

More work = More money

It’s not complicated math here. It’s just some basic addition and multiplication.

One of the hardest yet surprisingly obvious ways to earn more money is to just work more. 395 more words


Prioritizing resources 

I have been thinking a lot about resources lately, and I have come to believe that everyone of us has three individual resources with which we can invest in our world, our lives, and each other: money, time and energy. 410 more words