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Unmanipulated Real US Interest Rates are Negative around -8.13%

Michael Pento is correct about the calculation for “Real Interest Rates”:

Real Interest Rates are equal to the bond yield minus monetary inflation.

This is a…

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What, you say? These Woodpecker Reports aren’t current – they’re just history?

Like we haven’t had a Bush trying to return to the White House? Or a Clinton? 9 more words


Woman accidentally given $4.6M by bank, spends most of it on 'luxury' items

A 21-year-old Malaysian student who became a multimillionaire by accident when a bank mistakenly transferred $4.6 million to her account, is facing charges after blowing most of the money on luxury goods. 157 more words


Can You Pass This Basic Financial Literacy Test? http://ift.tt/1ZiBdnH


Producers ahead of 5-year average as seeding continues in Sask.

Warm and dry weather is helping Saskatchewan producers get the 2016 crop in the ground. According to the weekly crop report, 15 per cent of this year’s crop has been seeded. 128 more words


How paid family leave could become a reality in the U.S.

Jevin Sackett Recomends… A majority of U.S. workers don’t have access to any paid family leave. But more and more states are seriously considering providing insurance programs to change that. 11 more words

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