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Review - Money Monster (2016)

The lust and greed for money can be a very bad thing – a fact that’s been proven in different articles, tv show episodes, books, and movies involving Ebeneezer Scrooge. 549 more words

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The scientific study of happiness

Happiness, as mentioned by Aristotle, is the central purpose of human life and a goal in itself. It is commonly defined as a state of emotion, a feeling of contentment and joy in life. 616 more words


Baby Steppin': September/October Update

As I’ve mentioned, we’re going through a Financial Peace University Class. Dave Ramsey has a list of Baby Steps to move through, so here’s our progress to this point: 341 more words


What is Never Too Young and Who is the Finance Maverick? 

I welcome you to the world of the young ,the vibrant, the enthusiastic and innovative and the inquisive young minds. We are about anything and everything to do with Young people and finance . 214 more words


Regulating those evil payday lenders

Here is a link to an article from the Mises Institute opposing regulations for the American payday lending industry.

This simple proposal to regulate short-term lending raises important questions about how we treat poor people, about the role of money in our economy and how we regulate business activity. 286 more words


Hillary Clinton Tops "Islamist Money in Politics" List

I just don’t know about America these days. We have Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump running for President. Hillary has been manipulating our political system for her own gain for years. 421 more words