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More payments

Today I paid my solicitor. Now I should have done some shopping around if I knew it was going to be this costly but this is also my first home. 123 more words


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It's like Crowdfunding... only you actually get something in return... (or); This might well be my most shameless post yet, and when I say that, you know it means something...

So it occurred to me that instead of trying to switch my blog over to a paid- advertising-infested hell hole, we could try something else instead… something simple… and shameless… at least on my part… in order to make it so that I don’t have to give up blogging just to get a crappy minimum wage job to… you know… pay the electric bill and buy food and send my kid to college in two years and stuff. 135 more words


Makeup Crazy

OKAY – So I think I’m starting to have a problem. MAKKKKEUP!!! I literally want it all but I really don’t need it and I don’t even wear makeup everyday but gahhh sparkly eye shadows will be the death of me (or my money to be honest). 627 more words


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The Best I Can Afford

remember a present given
may be inexpensive to you
but a luxury item for their buyer