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Money doesn't buy happiness

But certainly money plays an important role in all this matter.  Considering that our pet insurance coverage (which was not high) has already been spent, as well as Frida’s piggy bank (Time ago I started setting aside some money, knowing how expensive vets are) we are basically left with our income, which won’t be enough to cover the estimated treatments.   555 more words

Canine Cancer

Classic Alice: A Must.

Really this is about the thing that is taking over my life (no really!)

Classic Alice” is an amazing webseries/transmedia production (which just means the story takes place across different media areas/distributors) about a college girl studying to become a writer who gets a “bad” mark on a paper which included the a harsh critique that she doesn’t identify/empathize with characters and that her writing lacks a sense of creativity. 710 more words


10 Ways to Get Paid to Blog!

1. Keep telling everyone you get paid to blog until people give you money for your secrets.

2. “Borrow” photos from all the travel bloggers to make it look like you live a lavish lifestyle! 134 more words


My Open Wallet: March 2015


  • Checking 1: $8,921.51
  • Savings 1: $10.00
  • Savings 2: $30,800.00
  • Cash: $42


  • Credit Card 1: -$1,658.34
  • Credit Card 2: -$343.37



Even Beginners Can Start Making Money Online Today!

Making money online is not as difficult as many people would think. It is only the beginning where everything seems so confusing, because of the large amounts of information that is available on the internet. 703 more words

The Lazy 7

Me and 6 other members of my family, also known as ‘The Lazy 7′ will be taking part in the Alzheimer’s 100 charity cycle in June this year. 137 more words


9 of Coins Upside Down

 It is a card about money today. We are never satisfied with what we have. We want to have more things to call our own. There are a lot of people who are in debt. 294 more words