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Editor's Pick: I Want To Be Happy

Is that wrong?  Why do I feel bad for saying that…?  Or is it just me who imagines that any desire to be happy that is expressed is often met with “happiness is not the goal”. 162 more words


Crypto News- No more moons, 20% is the new 20x. Banks adapting but not adopting.

Today Josh goes through multiple articles from the world of crypto. Why there will be no more moon shot coins and why we should be happy with 20% gains instead of 20x gains. 69 more words

Why has the government of different countries put a ban the crypto-currencies?

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin would never have imagined that his creation would create such hype in the world. Most of the people didn’t know anything about a Bitcoin until last year. 311 more words


Why should one invest/ not invest in bitcoins?

Let’s talk about why one shouldn’t invest in bitcoins first. We are not sure what price would bitcoin hit in the coming future. It may rise steadily or it may fall sharply before experiencing a rise. 680 more words


What is A Bitcoin & why is it creating such a hype?

You might have heard a lot about bitcoin, especially in the past few months. The newspapers, media, television, internet everywhere bitcoin has become a talk of the town. 560 more words


Millions and Billions and Trillions, oh my!

The economy and tax cuts simplified!

The media often decries that tax cuts for the rich are unfair, and that the wealthy are greedy individuals who don’t care about poor people and don’t pay their fair share in taxes. 1,578 more words