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Share 76: Death, domestic violence and money

If you’ve happened across this post without knowing me or linking from the http://www.financialfitness.com.au newsletter let me put it in context. I LOVE life and am generally very positive, to the point where an ex boyfriend said “You’re so happy it makes me sick” which of course spurred me on to be even happier LOL And I’ve been nicknamed the Energiser Bunny. 462 more words


The Gold Vaults Are Running Low, Here’s What Happens When They Run Out

By Joshua Krause

From: http://www.activistpost.com/2015/11/the-gold-vaults-are-running-low-heres-what-happens-they-run-out.html

Someday in the near future, the process of buying a precious metal asset is going to look very different than it does today. 838 more words


Raising Prices and Debasing Currency

What is price level? In a general view it is a static price of goods and services. However, there is no real price level. This is because prices change often. 426 more words


The Student Loan Generation

Student Loans of our generation.

We, mostly what they call ‘millennials’, are from parents who told us as we grew up that to get ahead in life, you needed an education. 927 more words


Cost of Thanksgiving dinner nothing to gobble at

With Black Friday, December gift shopping and winter travel, it’s easy to forget about another holiday cost: the price tag on a Thanksgiving dinner.

In 2015, average American families will spend $50.11 for their Thanksgiving spread. 470 more words


Businesses chip in flights, housing, cash to help settle Syrian refugees

CALGARY – Businesses and entrepreneurs across the country are stepping in to help settle the thousands of Syrian refugees coming to Canada over the next few weeks. 516 more words


How To Avoid Being Negative Thinkers

How To Avoid Being Negative Thinkers

Negative self-talk will stop you from thinking positive. However, it is easier for people to think negatively that negative thoughts would likely come to mind faster than positive ones. 367 more words