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The Benefits Of Having A Side-Gig

If you’re reading this on WordPress, chances are you have some sort of side-gig, whether it is revenue-generating or not. Having something in addition to your day-to-day workload can make you a well-rounded person as well as give you the opportunity to learn many new skills you otherwise may have not. 251 more words


Reasons Clients DO NOT Trust Advisors

It seems that there are more and more articles coming across through professional journals detailing the horrible situations clients have found themselves in with their Advisors.   416 more words



Finding motivation can be a hard task for anyone. However, staying motivated is key to success in every aspect of life. Finding ways to be genuinely motivated is essential to success. 514 more words

Family VS Funds - My Story

As I mentioned in my blog post “Family VS Funds – An Observation”.  I currently work in the IT business. Specifically working with people to transform data into information. 451 more words


Calling all fashionistas!

Being someone with several platforms I get hundreds of messages and emails daily from boss babes trying to sell their products and recruit new people. 342 more words

Look At Me Now, I'm Getting Paper

My initial goal in Papers, Please was to get paper (make money), but after a few plays I wasn’t sure anymore. In my first play through, I abided by all entry policies given to me. 243 more words