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Great music

Hi guys. I just wanted to share an amazing song. Sort of so you can see what I’m currently listening to and because I felt like sharing it. 27 more words


Which Data? - Part 1

I had a convergence of two books I read on vacation this summer that inspired a great deal of thinking. A friend of mine insisted I read… 685 more words

Business Development

Sky Budget Team - Update 1

When it came to our Sky Fantasy Football team, the plan was to wait a month or two before posting on the progress of our team. 341 more words

The Model

First off, I must admit that I did not come up with this method. It has been used by many people like 11tegen11CoffeeHouseFM… 778 more words


Why Ban Katarina?

There’s this incredibly popular game called League of Legends that’s overtaken every other video game in the eSports arena. It’s a MOBA game, which won’t mean a thing to you unless you already know what it is. 1,670 more words

Computer Science

Is Moneyball a flawed philosophy? The Moneyball vs. Pre-Moneyball Success of the Oakland A's

Moneyball is a favorite of many Data-driven Business Managers (I like it myself).  But the book and the movie are based on Billy Beane’s tenure through 2002, just a few short seasons into the job when the As had some pretty amazing young ballplayers on its roster.   328 more words

Index Cards

The Greek God of Walks

As young and impressionable baseball fans, we all yearn for a hero, a favourite, an icon in whom to place hope and aspiration. Usually, that guy is a superstar with a swollen bank balance. 2,509 more words