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Taking Care of Business... Sort Of

When your dad owns the place, it changes the way you approach it.

I am reminded every time I see a certain pastor’s wife from my childhood of the time I asked her, “Do you know who my dad is?” 668 more words

God In The Mess

Happy Exchange. Pentecost 17A. Matthew 21:23-32

Martin Luther begins the Large Catechism:

You are to have no other gods…to have a god is nothing else than to trust and believe in that one with your whole heart. 1,775 more words



The economy as measured by GDP for the first quarter 2017 came in at a dismal growth rate of 0.7 percent while the Dow ascended to historic heights, again proving (along with Trump’s promise to reduce taxes and regulations on the rich and corporate class) that there is little to no connection between economic growth and the Dow, a Dow index which does not measure the real economy as it once did but rather one now of expectation of growth in corporate welfare courtesy of the government. 847 more words

April 11, 2017/Getting Away From It All

Everybody looks forward to a vacation.

Vacations mean a means of distraction from the ordinary life events. The problems, stress, and general order of life are put on hold during a vacation. 643 more words

The last actions of Jesus -- Cleansing the Temple

If you had a few days left, what would they look like? What do we see in the life of Christ?  192 more words


Does your church sell anointing oil

Most Pentecostal churches are known for the practise of selling anointing oil in the Church; and the fact that this has become popular with all Pentecostal churches makes it is difficult to convince people that such practise is both unscriptural and wicked. 495 more words

Doctrine Of Salvation