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Eventually MongoDB

I have been observing and looking at MongoDB for a couple of years already but never used it in any really serious or professional context. I am a content PostgreSQL user since 2005 and exposed to Oracle for more than 15 years. 246 more words


Authentication and CRUD using Node JS, Express , Passport And MongoDB

Hi All, Recently I started working on Node JS. In this blog I will create an application using Node JS, Express, Passport and Mongo DB for authentication and CRUD operation. 2,138 more words


Mongo Shell - Display More than 20 records

How to print out more than 20 items (documents) in MongoDB’s shell?

Simple use this command on Mongo Shell

DBQuery.shellBatchSize = 300

Mongo DB Commands

Mongo DB Terminology:

  • Column : Field
  • Row : Document
  • Table : Collection
  • Database : Database

Note: Mongo Db does not have any structure.

Create DB: 1,289 more words

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