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Survival in IT: What does it take?

Hear It 

Being an IT person, it was expected from me to write something about my IT experience. I spent 11 years into this IT world. 688 more words

RESTful interactions with Azure Cosmos DB resources using the DocumentDB API, CRUD operations, API for MongoDB and additional quick starts

Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed system that supports the document, graph, and key-value data models which Microsoft have classified as a multi-model database service for mission-critical systems. 332 more words


Azure Cosmos DB with Scott Hanselman

Published on Jun 27, 2017

Kirill Gavrylyuk stops by Azure Friday to talk Cosmos DB with Scott Hanselman.

Watch this quick overview of the industry’s first globally distributed multi-model database service followed by a demo of moving an existing MongoDB app to Cosmos DB with a single config change. 11 more words


Setting up create-react-app + express.js + mongo DB + react-bootstrap (feat. ES6!)

In this article we will setup React application backed with express.js(Node framework) and Mongo DB. 498 more words


Consuming a RESTful Web Service with AngularJS

Hello everyone,

In today’s blog post ill teach you how to consume a RESTful web service with angular.js. We can use the previous api which we created for this exercise as well. 414 more words

Node JS

API (mongoose + expressJS)

Hello everyone,

Today i am going to show you how to create an api with database access. we use no-sql db, “mongodb” in order to fulfill our requirement. 534 more words

Node JS

Cài đặt và chạy MongoDB trên Window 10

1. Cài đặt 

Truy cập trang chủ https://www.mongodb.com/download-center#community

Bạn có thể download file cài đặt (msi hoặc zip), trong trường hợp download file zip bạn chỉ cần giải nén ra không cần cài đặt gì, sau đó bắt đầu cấu hình. 152 more words

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