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List All Command In MongoDb -- Part 2

show databases
use database_name
show tables

{“_id” : ObjectId(“595209c7707ec5351b68cb28”)},
“position”:”rrrrrrrrrrrrr Wing”,
“birthplace”:”Gardena, CA, USA”,
“name”:”sasi Bennett”, 91 more words

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List All Command In MongoDb -- Part 1

show dbs
// LIst Data Base

show collections
// List Collections

use test
// Select Db

//already Data Base

// Drop Collection

// Show Count Document

//collection contains information about all of the database’s collections

//collection lists all the indexes in the database. 750 more words
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Connecting to MongoDB service on bluemix using Node JS application and inserting data

In this blog,I will show you how to connect to Compose for MongoDB service on bluemix from our Node js application and then how to insert some data in to a collection. 452 more words

Creating new database and user in mongodb on bluemix using Mongo CLI on windows

One we have Compose for Mongodb service on bluemix we want to create different users and add the permission levels according to database.Creating users directly from bluemix GUI is not possible.We need to use Mongo CLI for this. 143 more words



Mongoose is an object modelling package for Node that essentially works like an ORM but Mongo DB is ODM. Mongoose allows us to have access to the MongoDB commands for CRUD simply and easily. 77 more words

Survival in IT: What does it take?

Hear It 

Being an IT person, it was expected from me to write something about my IT experience. I spent 11 years into this IT world. 688 more words

RESTful interactions with Azure Cosmos DB resources using the DocumentDB API, CRUD operations, API for MongoDB and additional quick starts

Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed system that supports the document, graph, and key-value data models which Microsoft have classified as a multi-model database service for mission-critical systems. 332 more words