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Cardboard Dilemma

Mongo has spent a month at Mom-mom’s house.  He has not stopped his eternal quest for food at all in this time.  Mom-mom bought pizza for her and brother Drewbie, but they did not take the empty pizza box straight out to the compost bin.   167 more words


Deploying MongoDb Cluster with vRealize Automation - a how to guide.


Software components in vRealize Automation allows bash/powershell scripts to be executed at various states of the software lifecycle, the states are:

  • Install – used to initially deploy and install RPMs…
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Mongo and Dad on Different Continents

Not much has been written about Dad and Mongo in the past two months.  Mostly we can surmize that this drought is more the result of the fact that Dad has been travelling for most of that time, rather than writer’s block.   156 more words


Playing with Mongo

So, since I got the JunaTracker working in pythonanywhere.com I started thinking about the performance. Which is not that great at the moment, although this will never really be a public application. 235 more words


Create your own REST API using node.js and Mongo (Part 1 ) Setting it all up

In this post we are going to take a look at how to create a REST API using Node.js and Mongo to be used with your web or mobile application. 528 more words

Spring Microservices with MongoDb

Distributed applications is always a current topic in the articles and forum discussions; Microservices answers the need for application scalability and makes a good marriage with Cloud solution (AWS) or Virtual container (Docker). 1,349 more words


Using regular expressions for querying MongoDB documents

Ladies and gents, here’s one fairly short hint for anyone wondering how to query documents in mongodb using regular expressions. Let’s get straight to the point: 373 more words