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The basics of MongoDb for the .Net developer

I have started to gain interest in MongoDb since I found my data classes to change often with time, and trying to change the structure of my  Oracle Db became a real pain. 907 more words


Sitecore xDB Cloud 2.0 - What it is? Advantages and disadvantages over On-Premise setup

Sitecore and Cloud

Sitecore extensively looking to offer the cloud offering after joining the party with Microsoft in 2016. In an effort to that, Sitecore now available as an App Service on Azure. 469 more words


Microservices with Spring Boot, Netflix Zuul, Kotlin, Docker and MongoDB

Recently I’ve started playing with Kotlin programming language, and wanted to give it a try.

Kotlin gives us possibility to write quite concise code, such as: 209 more words



NoSQL is a popular buzzword these days. Let’s demystify it and discuss why your engineer might be talking about using a NoSQL database.

WTF is SQL? 2,982 more words

Compare the Schools. Part 2. Loading data.

This is the second part of the “Compare the Schools” series, where I will show you how to create a simple data loader that will take an input in the CSV format and will populate MongoDB collections. 2,188 more words

Best Platform to learn Node.js

No matter whether you are a beginner or a code geek who want to learn new technologies or you may came across these Node and Mongo, wondering by their amazing functionality. 210 more words

MongoDB - Sitecore Configuration Encryption (Connectionstrings.config)

This post aims to help you on how to harden your configuration mainly your connectstrings.config, but this post is also applicable if you are trying to secure other configuration that has a application credentials, username, password, secret keys and other confidential information in it. 794 more words