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Why Fear of Predators is Important

A study was just released that documented that the “fear of predators” is as important as the predator’s presecence itself.  As humans hve removed the apex predators in many ecosystems, the behavior of the meso-predators has changed, allowing them to spend more time eating and sleeping and less time worrying about getting eaten. 71 more words


Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green) is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.  However, when Emerald City Comicon rolls around in Seattle, we get visits from all the superheros, including the real Squirrel Girl.   18 more words


Betrifft Zürich: Wenn der Kellner ein «Mongo» ist

Sehr fundierter Artikel, die für das Lesen investierte Zeit lohnt sich für alle die sich für Zürich interessieren.

Die Betreiber der Zürcher Bars und Restaurants müssen sich längst nicht mehr nur vor professioneller Kritik fürchten. 39 more words

Zürich: Top Aktuell

Mongo Knows Fun

Mongo knows fun.  In fact, he is practically an expert in fun.  So when Dad had to go to Atlanta for a month, Mongo decided to make his own fun.  26 more words


MongoDB current operations and profiling

Current operations


Write operations waiting for a lock

    "waitingForLock" : true,
    $or: [
      { "op" : { "$in" : [ "insert", "update", "remove" ] } },
      { "query.findandmodify": { $exists: true } }
) 168 more words

Finishing Up the Season on a High Note

Mongo and Dad went up to the Cooke Canyon Hunt Club to finish the pheasant hunting season.  Mongo and Dad had enjoyed a fiarly good hunting season.   265 more words


Dica rápida: Preparar pesquisa em regex com caracteres especiais

Algumas dicas que vou compartilhar se resolvem com dois ou três trechos de códigos e vou usando gists para isso.

O código a seguir me ajudou a fazer pesquisa em mongo sem considerar se a palavra estava com ou sem assento usuais em português. 29 more words