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How to connect to mongo db with python

We can use Pymongo for this task. You can see how to install pymongo in the previous article.

To connect to mongodb using python (pymongo) you need to make sure that you have mongodb up and running. 200 more words


Making Mongodb less insecure on Mac OSX

For the longest time, I railed against Mac products and their terrible, fascist business model. After taking my most recent job, I was given a free Macbook Pro and forced to eat my words. 546 more words


How to install pymongo

When working with python and trying to access a mongodb, one way is using pymongo. Go to the python shell and type

>>> import pymongo… 141 more words

NodeJS, Express, MongoDB & Mongoose - First Application

In this blog, I talk about, what are the things I did to set it up running on Windows 7 PC.

Here I am creating a simple application which uses Express Framework with NodeJS and Mongoose to connect with MongoDB. 344 more words


Understanding and Getting Started with MongoDB

Understanding and Getting Started with MongoDB

There are 4 types of NoSQL Databases,

  • Key-values stores
  • Column family stores

  • Document databases

  • Graph databases

MongoDB is a document oriented database, that provided high performance, high-availabilty with Replica-sets and is easily scalable. 731 more words


Muttly Mutiny

Muttly Mutiny

Dad had another brilliant idea.   Since everyone else in the family was busy on the Fourth of July, why not take the dogs for a hike up to Lake Margaret.  461 more words