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Automated MongoDB Cluster Backup on AWS S3

If you want a true copy of your MongoDB cluster data in case of data corruption, accidental deletion or disaster recovery, you’ll want to back it up reliably. 848 more words


Mongo! And bookmarks in it!

Hey guys,

First, unrelated little tidbit of advice.

More and more people are moving towards Mongo these days. Do I like this shift? Not really. I’ll always be a relational database kinda guy. 695 more words


Kachess Ridge Trail

It was now noon.  Dad needed to figure out how to burn off some of the massive amounts of sugar Mongo had  recently consumed.  (Click HERE to read about Mongo and molasses.) 1,157 more words


Today's Science Experiment

Dad is all about efficiency.  He measures the time it takes on various routes around the city to make sure he is always on the fastest route.   343 more words


Riddle for the Day

What go you get when you leave a Labrador retriever outside with the sprinkler on?  The answer is obvious to all lab people,… 20 more words


O que é MongoDB

MongoDB é um banco de dados não-relacional, baseado no conceito de NoSQL, que armazena dados em estruturas de documentos. O mongoDB não possui o conceito de chaves primárias e estrangeiras, o que impede a criação de relacionamentos. 299 more words


How Did He Get that Open?

Dad came home from work and walked up the driveway.  There on the ground, right where Drewbie parks his Jeep Cherokee was a large oil spot.   97 more words