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Treat Bobber

Mongo has a rubber orange Treat Ball.  It is a hollow ball with an opening to the inside that allows Dad to put kibble into the middle of ball.   207 more words


More Bagels for Mongo

Early in the morning, Dad had purchased two bagels.  Dad had eaten his, but he left Drewbie’s bagel on the kitchen table, waiting for him to wake up.   363 more words



As the days get shorter, many animals start their preparations for winter.  The creatures need to lay in supplies, or store up body fat for hibernation.   176 more words


Spring data mongo generates wrong query for geo query with $near

While working with Spring data mongo,  I had to search a collection using geo spatial query. I needed to find all items from a point within a radius. 83 more words


Install Mongo DB using PowerShell

This article provides quick way to install Mongo DB using PowerShell script.

Most important thing you need when you start working on Sitecore is a Database. 255 more words


Twilight at Lincoln Park

With the long days of summer gone, there are more and more lights on around the Sound.  As the days have grown shorter, Dad and Mono’s trips to their favorite park have closer and closer to starting in twilight.   130 more words


Launch MongoDB Automatically

This document describes how to launch MongoDB automatically, without having to have a terminal session open whilst it is running.

The original document was found at… 220 more words