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Bringing in the Paper - Part Deux

One of Mongo’s best learnings is retrieving the paper. Dad keeps the paper subscription as much for Mongo as for anyone else in the house. Every morning Mongo loves to burst out of the front door and hunt down the morning’s news. 407 more words


A New Talent for Mongo's Bag of Tricks

Kimi found more food from the pantry in her room.  After all the flour mess Mongo made, Kimi found he had also opened two jars of “Simmer Sauce”.  12 more words


Mongo and Pie

As summer has worn on, Mongo has gotten more and more hungry.  He has taken to nibbling black berries right of the cane, despite  the thorns, and he is continually searching for any low hanging tree fruit or fruit  that has fallen on the ground.   230 more words


Blazing Saddles (1974)

It’s the Old West. Trouble is amidst in a small, frontier town. As bandits and thugs attack the community, only one man can save them. It’s not John Wayne. 460 more words


Enjoying Summer

Here is a picture of Mongo enjoying a stick, the sun, and the scents of summer afternoon in Seattle.  It is the simple things in life that make his day.


Summer Fair in West Seattle

One of the traditions in the Seattle area is Seafair.  Seafair is not one event, but an entire series of events and festivals in various neighborhoods that stretch over a month in the summer, culminating in the hydroplane races on Lake Washington and the Boeing Airshow.   758 more words