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Find a word within given path location

#find /path/to/search/ -type f -exec grep -H ‘string’ {} \;


Copy the mongoDB collection from database to database

db.Source_collection_name.find().forEach(function(d){ db.getSiblingDB(‘Destination_db’)[‘Destination_collection_name’].insert(d); });


Reinstall mongodb in ubuntu linux

Before reinstalling mongodb, in your linux system check whats installed in the system

$ sudo dpkg -l | grep mongo
ii mongodb-org 2.6.3 amd64 MongoDB open source document-oriented database system (metapackage)
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esProc Helps with Computation in MongoDB – Query Indexes in an Array

MongoDB can find out elements of a built-in array according to their indexes, but cannot find the indexes through the values of the elements. For example, the elements of an array are names of people stored according to their rankings. 433 more words


Microsoft queues up DocumentDB for broad availability

Microsoft continues to fill in the check boxes for its Azure cloud. Example: Azure DocumentDB, Microsoft’s take on NoSQL databases a la Couch or MongoDB, will be generally available April 8, the company… 146 more words

The story of our BPM Engine’s birth (Embeddable Human Workflow Service) and the role of ElasticSearch in it.

In 2013 we bagged a development project from one of the largest fresh produce company in the world based out of USA to build half a dozen custom workflows and incrementally add more workflows in the future. 1,591 more words


A Case Study for MySQL vs MongoDB

WeYield is a software editor for car rental companies. We develop web applications for price intelligence and activity monitoring. For our new application Cocktail, we need to process a large amount of data for realtime queries. 595 more words