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Dump & Restore MongoDB With Specified Collection and DB

For example i have collection with name logs and db postfix, the output for dumped DB will be located to /tmp/backupmong

mongodump --out /tmp/backupmong/ --collection logs --db postfix

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MongoDB : Script to run Sharding with replica set on local machine

This simple script will help to you run sharing with multiple replica set on your local box. This makes very cool and uplifting, (if on linux use sudo / root to run shell script or commands manually. 479 more words

Using MongoDB to Implement a Semantic Database - Part I

Newly published article on Code Project.

Semantic Database Technology (from InformationWeek):

Semantic technology has created a disruptive opportunity for businesses to obtain more value from their data. 284 more words


MongoDB First Run

I recently installed MongoDB on my PC and decided to have a play around with it. Although my knowledge of databases is fairly limited at the moment, I still managed to grasp the fundamentals of what the software is able to do, thanks to a few tutorial videos from… 194 more words


Working with MongoDB's $lookup Aggregator

I’ve posted an article “Working with MongoDB’s $lookup Aggregator” on Code Project, here.  This article expands on my previous post and does a deep dive looking at how to use the… 8 more words

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The Money In Open-Source Software

It’s no secret that open-source technology — once the province of radicals, hippies and granola eaters — has gone mainstream. According to industry estimates, more than 180 young companies that give away their software raised roughly $3.2 billion in financing from 2011 to 2014. 1,952 more words


MongoDB support in Phosphorus Five

Phosphorus Five now has MongoDB support. This means you can insert, delete, find, aggregate and create/delete indexes in any MongoDB database you wish. It for the most parts supports almost everything MongoDB internally supports, and maps your BsonDocuments to a p5.lambda object. 89 more words