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Mongo::Error::OperationFailure: Cursor not found

Lately, I’ve been running into this error while running my nightly automation scripts. From my experience in resolving nagging errors, this one too was another of those annoying/inconsistent errors which did not have any concrete solutions on the internet.  581 more words


M201 MongoDB Performance study notes day I

This will serve as a small memento of  M201 MongoDB Performance.

Lesson highlights for day I

As memory operations are much stronger than I/O operations, MongoDB heavily depend on memory especially for; 504 more words


Sitecore Workflow, RSS feeds and email subsciption out of the box

Sitecore workflow is one of the least fully explored section of the sitecore. Lot of time developers or clients ask me how can i receive emails from the workflow’s different status? 729 more words


Introduction to MongoDB

Hello everyone, I want to mentionabout MongoDB which is one document database of NoSQL databases. This post includes what MongoDB is, terminology of MongoDb, Replication and Sharding mechanism and useful information/notes. 973 more words


First steps in MongoDB

Step1. Installation.

The mongodb-org package does not exist within the default repositories for CentOS. However, MongoDB maintains a dedicated repository. Let’s add it to our server. 361 more words


Ruby and MongoDB Web Development Beginner's Guide

Create dynamic web applications by combining the power of Ruby and MongoDB Overview Step-by-step instructions and practical examples to creating web applications with Ruby and MongoDB Learn to design the object model in a NoSQL way Create objects in Ruby and map them to MongoDB In Detail MongoDB is a high-performance, open source, schema-free document-oriented database. 325 more words


Robomongo: An Application Client for MongoDB


Yesterday, I just installed MongoDB on my computer. Now I just install Robomongo. It is an application client for manage MongoDB easily instead of using commands in the terminal. 55 more words

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