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DigitalOcean, Visual Studio, Putty

I managed to solve two annoying problems today:

1. .ntvs_analysis.dat, created by Visual Studio when building a Node.JS project, was being checked-in to my private repository at GitHub. 360 more words

Query to insert a document






MongoDB in Java: Search for a value in a nested entry

Given the MongoDB entry below, how do we search for “occupation: doctor”?

"name" : Maren,
"age" : 29,
"details" : {
 address : "Geronimo Road"
 occupation: "doctor"

"name" : Skoo,
"age" : 35, 
"details" : {
 address : "West Village, Hudensta"
 occupation: "warrior"

"name" : Doby,
"age : 31,
"details" : {
 address : "99 Jump Street"
 occupation: "doctor"
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Meteor Up Apps Deployment and Oplog-tailing

Meteor Up (mup) is a command line tool that allows you to deploy any Meteor app to your own server.

1. install node 240 more words

Remove Documents

In MongoDB, the db.collection.remove() method removes documents from a collection. You can remove all documents from a collection, remove all documents that match a condition, or limit the operation to remove just a single document. 227 more words

MEAN Stack

Learn querying, MongoDB with comparing SQL query

DBMS MONGODB  Select * from Data db.Data.Find() (Show all records with all columns.) Select year,importer,exporter,quantity from Data db.Data.find({},{year:true,importer:true,exporter:true,quantity:true,_id:false})

(In Mongodb field name must be case sensitive – you can no write Year in place of year.) Select year,importer,exporter,quantity from Data where quantity > 50 db.Data.find({quantity:{$gt:50}},{year:true,importer:true,exporter:true,quantity:true,_id:false}) 234 more words