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CRUD in NodeJs with MongoDB: Explanations

Here we are, in this post we are going to create a CRUD application in NodeJs with mongoDB as database and ejs as a templating engine. 458 more words


Convert collection to JSON in robomongo

records = [];
var cursor = db.getCollection('telemetry').find({}, {});
while(cursor.hasNext()) {

Run this command on your robomongo and you should be good to go.

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Mongo Backup and Restore

While working on Sitecore at times one can come across a simple task for backing up and restoring mongo databases. Did that made you think? Why me? 330 more words


Springboot and MongoDB: Creating indices on inherited properties or fields.

I started writing my first spring and the first springboot application today. The project requires mongodb and mysql as databases. My application’s domain objects are highly hierarchical and we need to make different kinds of search engines for many child classes. 383 more words


Debugging day 65: Playing the fluke

I’m working on a script we have that processes some data from the MongoDB database. I notice that it isn’t getting all records that it should be. 647 more words

Debugging Stories

Debugging day 64: Troubles Saving Address

The code to split up users and homes is largely ready. In rounding it up, I realise that some code that now only exists in the router of one page should be in a controller file. 500 more words

Debugging Stories

working with Mongo db + Java (subcollections)

In the previous post we have seen different ways to use find() method. Today lets check out different operations we can perform on Sub Collections. … 753 more words