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Миний Хайр " МУСК

“Миний Хайр ” МУСК

Залуу хосууд маань заавал үзээрэй. 

Чамд дурла гэж заяа минь намайг хөтөлсөн
Чамайг хайрла гэж хорвоо надад тушаасан
Хамгаас илүү гэж бурхан надад шивнэсэн
Хайрлаж явья гэж харин би өөрөө шийдсэн via Facebook 


Blessed with delicious food & good company

▲ I have a thing for hip hop in any language, and this was no exception. The Kazakh language is like Asian Portuguese. I really like the sound of it. 258 more words


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge - Looking weathered

This week’s challenge is ‘Weathered wood’. I’m sharing more photos taken on our roadtrip. From Sichuan province, to the desert, to the Russian border. Which one do you like most? 20 more words


Ядаад байх юу байсан юм?

When Mongolian people first meet me and learn about my mix (Mexican-Mongolian), most want to know how I see Mongolia, where my opinions lie, essentially if I love Mongolia or not. 997 more words


Mongolian Archery: the inspiration

The past few months have seen me and mine engaged in a long-distance viewing of Marco Polo on Netflix as a group. It’s an immensely beautiful show with some seriously good plot points and just amazing acting, scenery/set design and costuming (oh, the costuming!). 196 more words

Mummified monk in Mongolia 'not dead' say Buddhists

A mummified monk found preserved in Mongolia has been baffling and astounding those who uncovered him.

Senior Buddhists say the monk, found sitting in the lotus position, is in a deep meditative trance and not dead.


Hanggai and Summer on Chinese reality TV.Watch "20150118 CCTV《梦想星搭档》吉克隽逸 杭盖乐队《酒歌》(彝族语和蒙古语互搭)" on YouTube

20150118 CCTV《梦想星搭档》吉克隽逸 杭盖乐队《酒歌》(彝族语和蒙古语互搭): http://youtu.be/VaHW9SYLCFQ

My Chinese is pitiful but I believe she says something like her song is in the Yi language (her ethnic group) and Hanggai music is in Mongolian but because music is a universal language, she hopes everyone will enjoy. 39 more words