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Thai Eatery

Rating: ★★★★★

At first glance, this small, storefront Thai restaurant in Arlington looks like a run of the mill Thai restaurant. But look more closely, and you’ll notice signs that this is no ordinary Thai restaurant. 275 more words

Central Asian And Persian

Times Four

Well, so, let’s see.  Where to begin?  I’ve delivered cookies as a “child slave”; washed and scrubbed toilets and plates and bread bowl forms; cared for and sweated over the condition of books I will likely be the last person to touch; and become an indentured translator for a Russian bank.   861 more words

Cyrillic Mongolian : the October 2017 "Slavonic" item(s) of the month

Cyrillic became the chief alphabet of the Mongolian language in Mongolia in the 1940s and has remained so to this day.  “Mongolia” here refers to the independent country, an area also known as Outer Mongolia.  474 more words

New Acquisitions

5 of the Most Interesting Languages I have Learnt so far

During my language learning journeys and escapades, I have encountered special sounds, special words and special ways to express ideas and concepts. These languages are mostly unique in this regard, but I will be showing you five of the most interesting languages I have learnt so far in this journey. 1,130 more words

Sleepy daze, zvgeer l neg post, algo simple.

Eej mini naddeer irne gesen chin bvvr dogdolood baih yum. Hoyor dvvteigee bas ulzah yumsan. Dvvtei hvn shig amidarmaar baih yumaa hoo, gevch bi end laga hol amidardag. 571 more words


A Baptist Tells How to Start a Church

My first Bible lesson in Mongolia was five short sentences (Subject, verb, and object). You are on Holy ground when you translate from your heart language to their heart language. For me it took years!