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Touching Twenty and Other Stories

How do you know when your worlds are colliding? You can’t remember who you said what to nor when. Or…if you even said anything at all. 643 more words


Meeting Maggie

e.e. cummings wrote a poem called “maggie and milly and molly and may” back in 1917 or so. Maybe you’ve heard of it. A story about four little girls who take a trip to the beach and each find something to captivate her. 407 more words


Dog Days of Summer

I’ve never really understood the expression “dog days” but the 29th of August will go down in history as my own personal dog day because I finally got bit. 500 more words


Thoughts to a landlocked lover

In light of the recent anniversary I just celebrated with my wife, here is a piece I wrote 2 months before our wedding last year (two months that we had to spend apart). 239 more words


C Student

If I were to grade myself right now on this training plan I would give myself a solid C. Not good. Not bad. Barely average in my world but passable as such. 563 more words