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My No is Your First Yes

So that wonky left foot I last wrote about? Still wonked. Despite the fact I put in another 37.25 miles since Monhegan I felt it was wonked enough that I should baby it a little before the half mara. 447 more words


Women on the Run

I’ll be the first to admit it. I was scared to run Monhegan. People have broken legs just letting their dogs out for a pee. One wrong step on rocky ground and it’s way downhill from there. 695 more words


When I Left You

Last you knew I had run to the point of heat exhaustion and had lost my cool. Literally. Last you knew I was going to try again Monday. 400 more words


Island Laundry

An oil landscape from Monhegan. Behind one of the houses at fish beach a clothes line with drying laundry was flying in the breeze.

“Island Laundry”, oil / canvas, 6×12



Fish Beach, Monhegan

This is an oil landscape of another view of fish beach. Monhegan is a wonderful island off the Maine coast, a great little place to visit. 8 more words


Red Boat

I noticed this group of row boats on Fish Beach on a past trip to Monhegan. Of course the red boat stood out thus…”Red Boat”. 9 more words