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Tale of Two Sixes

I can’t call week #2/3 of the training an epic fail when I had two really good runs. It all started with missing the boat to Monhegan. 491 more words


Rock the Rock

My fellow islanders call home “the rock.” They can do that because they really live on a ginormous rock. I call this rock home-home even though I don’t live there and with any luck in a little over 24 hours I will be there. 164 more words



I caught myself catching the last 15 minutes of a Dr. Phil show. What the hell? The topic was delusions I guess because the guest, this woman, had fabricated a friendship on Facebook. 337 more words


Let me check my blackberry

Life on the island is slow. Like, truly slow. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Even with all the work that is done daily to keep us somewhat sustainable and self sufficient, life slows down. 278 more words


Colony in Rock

“the windblown ocean plain stretched dark as indigo to a horizon knife-sharp against the golden lower sky from gold became the imperceptible gradations of emerald, and the emerald became colbalt; and the colbalt, a deep purple at the zenith-often so dark, that zenith sky, that one could see the moon by day and almost, one imagined, stars.” … 1,443 more words

About Michael


Some ask me how I do it! How do I have a full time job and still have time to paint? Well “somethings gotta give”. That something is usually the cleaning of my house. 249 more words