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"Scandalous Matters That Are Real": If He Shouts 'Rape', Donald Trump Should Unseal His Divorce Records

Evidently Donald Trump believes that his campaign can accomplish with an Internet video what Kenneth Starr failed to do with $50 million and a platoon of private detectives and FBI agents: Bring down Bill and Hillary Clinton by dredging through moldy muck. 1,034 more words

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What Does it Take for Ken Starr to Admonish a Sexual Deviant?

The town of Waco, TX. has been bubbling with controversy surrounding the Baylor Bears football program and how head coach Art Briles, athletic director Ian McCaw, president and chancellor Ken Starr and the Waco police department chose to handle members of the football team being accused of, and at times being considered guilty of rape. 621 more words


The Top Five Most Hilarious Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories

Last week, the British Labour party suspended Musabbir Ali, a former campaign official, for making anti-Semitic statements on social media. He joined an ignominious cast of characters punished for similar offenses, including a former mayor of London and a current parliament member. 99 more words


How Bill Clinton Tried to Privatize Social Security in 1998

In this presentation, author Thomas Franks talks about his recent book Hey Liberal, Listen Up: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People… 157 more words

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Monica Lewinsky's Tweet About Lemonade

OK I thought of something to write about.

I haven’t listened to Beyonce’s Lemonade yet but apparently it is some kind of denouncement of┬áJay Z’s cheating with a chick on the side, or in general a lament about “other women.” 284 more words


I'm a Woman And I Deserve The Right To Earn Your Hatred On My Own

There’s a possibility that by the end of this year, the Clintons will reclaim the White House. There are plenty of ardent supporters who would like nothing more than to watch Hillary Clinton be inaugurated. 846 more words

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