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Cannes: #Climategate Meets #Monicagate Meets #RepublicanWarOnWomen

The Republican Party’s War on Women just went global, and warmist jetsetter Al Gore and Clinton, er, nobbist? Monica Lewinsky were two of the first to see it in action. 418 more words


Report: Monica Lewinsky Blocked From Sharing VIP Box With Al Gore At Cannes Festival

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Monica Lewinsky was reportedly blocked from sharing a box with former Vice President Al Gore at the Cannes Lions advertising festival.

The Guardian… 190 more words


Harmful Digital Communications Bill and Cyberbullying in New Zealand

So the Parliament have had its third readings and have passed the controversial Harmful Digital Communications Bill that discussions started by Judith Collins and completed by Amy Adams. 624 more words

New Zealand

Patient Zero of Internet Shaming

The year – 1998. The headline –  Clinton Accused of Urging Aide to Lie.

A seemingly innocuous statement. Politicians after all seem to be surrounded by tales of lies and deceit. 618 more words


Food for Thought

Ever heard of Monica Lewinsky? Till today I only knew her as the girl who was stupid enough to sleep with the president of United States of America which led to public humiliation. 176 more words

Cuban Cigars Now Legal, Bill Clinton Ponders Another Sex Scandal


With relations normalizing between the US and Cuba, and Hillary Clinton ramping up her presidential campaign, Bill Clinton is musing over another sex scandal using now legal cigars. 234 more words


Read Monica Lewinsky's Moving Speech on Online Shaming

Monica Lewinsky is back in the spotlight, this time as an activist working to end cyberbullying and online shaming.

Almost two decades after she was thrust into international infamy for her affair with then President Bill Clinton, Lewinsky has emerged as a fierce advocate for victims of online shaming, arguing that her experience as a 22-year-old intern made her “patient zero” of online internet shaming, perhaps the earliest example of what internet shame can do to someone’s life. 681 more words