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"Let my mouth go where it wants to"

Is Madge getting a little desperate? I mean I’m pleased that she is not supporting Trump in the US elections, but offering a blow job… 142 more words


Monica Lewinsky

In no instance is it acceptable to have an extramarital affair. By posting this, I am in no way condoning what Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky got up to. 325 more words


The real October Surprise will Monica Lewinsky speak out on the Clintons?

By Bonnie K. Goodman

The 2016 campaign has descended into the gutter, policy positions rarely matter, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton political scandals are a blip and all that seems to concern the news media or the voters are the sexual exploits or lewd remarks of Republican nominee Donald Trump versus Former President Bill Clinton’s sex scandals. 1,378 more words


Done for life

I’m with Ben Carson.

Were any of the women whom Trump touched harmed by it?  Maybe he’s is just a very affectionate man as well as being very ebullient. 15 more words

October 16th, 2016

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