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It's Been 20 years...

It’s hard to believe that an entire administration was threatened by dried-up presidential sperm on a navy blue GAP dress. Cigars hand rolled in an intern’s ‘box’ became a matter of national security.  121 more words


I told...

When the names were mentioned in the news, I looked down on “those women,” even if unconsciously, like I once did on the names Anita Hill, Monica Lewinsky… 504 more words


Extinction Events

I was just reading “Bono: The Rolling Stone Interview,” about the U2 front man’s latest brush with death. It seems he is reluctant to tell us the details, only that it was a… 678 more words

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Aziz Ansari And The Missed Cues

Another man joins the ranks of predators and this time it’s a brown, woke man. Here’s a well-written opinion in tweets. And here’s why I don’t agree. 602 more words

Battle Of The Sexes

Women of Courage: Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky: Compassion Crusader

Imagine you’re twenty-two years old and you’ve just made a mistake. You were impulsive, you misjudged someone, you hurt someone, you were selfish. 694 more words


Will the Real Hillary (Rodham, Clinton) Please Stand Up?

Today’s New York Times features an article by Amy Chozick about the fading away of Hillary Rodham Clinton, in the wake of her electoral college (though not popular) defeat to a known sexual predator. 670 more words


"The Price of Shame | Monica Lewinsky"

Compassion. Do you have it? I can remember the ‘time’ of Monica and President Clinton. Back then, I was not a political person. I certainly wasn’t the person that I have grown into today.

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