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An awful mistaken identity murder in Atlanta scares me. Monica Lewinsky, 20 years after the scandal, in a great interview with John Oliver. And new tracking technology scares me, times 2

There is so much awfulness in the world, so much crime, so many examples of bad things happening to good people, or bad things happening for no reason at all, that we all get numb to it. 935 more words

Trumplandia: Mar. 23 -- 30, 2019

Doing the Happy Dance Edition

FiveThirtyEight Poll: 42% — up from 41.9% last week
Rasmussen Poll: 49% — up from 45% last week… 1,427 more words

Dr. John Duffy on the college admissions bribery scandal, public shaming, and more

The doctor is here. Dr. John Duffy is an author, clinical psychologist, family and parenting expert, and father and husband. He joins Bill and Wendy show to talk about the college admissions bribery scandal, the dark side of public shaming, suicide awareness, and much more. 36 more words

Bill Leff And Wendy Snyder

John Oliver Took Jay Leno To The Woodshed For Relentlessly Shaming Monica Lewinsky On His Show Back In The Day

John Oliver took on the subject of public shaming on Sunday’s new Last Week Tonight, a phenomenon that has seemingly gotten out of hand over the course of the past several years — sometimes completely ruining the lives of people who didn’t ask for the attention in the first place. 399 more words

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Women create life but they are misunderstood

Today the world is celebrating the International Women’s Day, but is it sufficient to celebrate such a day despite the huge disparities around them? If half of the women population in the country were inactive or exploited then how is your labour force considered as human resources? 624 more words


The Woman Feminists Should Have Helped: On The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair and The Feminist Backlash

Monica Lewinsky is the woman feminists should have protected. It’s that simple. Yet, in 1998, they didn’t. Well, most of them didn’t. Many didn’t seem to even entertain the thought of it. 1,354 more words



Judul: Monica’s Story, edisi terjemahan dari buku asli dengan judul yang sama, 395 halaman.

Penulis: Andrew Morton.

Penerbit: Dabara Publishers, Solo 1999. 306 more words

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