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“I was seen by everyone, but actually known by few.” – Monica Lewinsky

這句話深深道出讓她廣為人知卻又痛苦不堪的經歷,她是莫妮卡·李文斯基 (Monica Lewinsky),柯林頓醜聞案中的主角。十七年前的李文斯基事件從網路爆發,一段錄音讓整個世界風起雲湧,讓一個默默無名的人一夜之間成為眾人污辱的醜聞人物,我們對於這樣的情景一定非常熟悉,過去的歷史已經為現在的媒體環境揭露端倪:網路與社群的力量是把雙面刃。

1998年事件爆發後十七年的時間,李文斯基不曾在公開場合現身,直到去年Forbes Under 30 Summit…

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"Let’s Pretend" and Hillary Clinton

When I was a small boy there was a popular children’s radio program called “Let’s Pretend”. A fairy-Godmother type took children back in time and re-lived the popular stories and fables of the past. 552 more words

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The '80s Pin Project: You Naughty Thing

For an explanation of what the Pin Project is, go here.

And so it continues. This week’s pin is the 1980s version of a morality play as wearable art. 788 more words

Scary Hillary Clinton Coffee Mug

Have fun scaring your friends and co-workers with this Hillary Clinton (a.k.a., Wife of Monica Lewinsky’s ex-Boyfriend) coffee mug. It also makes a great Halloween gift giving idea, too.


On the Web: Monica Lewinsky's TED Talk

1998 doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. But then I think about how old I was (16), what I was doing (attending high school), and the fact that I didn’t even have a computer at home at the time. 273 more words

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Uralkodók a média tükrében

Mindannyian az emberi természet alapvető jellemvonásaival vagyunk felszerelkezve. Ezeknek a jellemvonásoknak a megnyilvánulása mindenkiben eltérően, de azonosulnak. Vannak viszont olyan személyiségjegyi komponensek, amik minden emberre tagadhatatlanul, és ugyan úgy jellemzőek. 424 more words

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"None of Your Business"- Inside the Newest Internet Campaign

‘Paper’ trails are a mandatory requirement of living in the Internet Age. Every email, tweet, and text has become public property. Three recent events demonstrate the now-cliché danger of thinking before you post or send. 484 more words

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