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Dr. Morimoto, for the Future of Mankind

Even from a bipartisan standpoint, I think most people would agree that the impeachment of Bill Clinton was nothing but an embarrassment for America, a colossal waste of money, and wholly counterproductive to the effort of running the country. 429 more words


Monica Lewinsky launches anti-bullying emoji keyboard for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

”Cyberbullying, trolling, and online harassment can ensnare public officials and celebrities but also private citizens, whether teens or college kids or adults. Thousands of people are bullied online—daily,” Monica Lewinsky writes for Vanity Fair. 243 more words


How to save a life

I was randomly watching recommended TED-talks. The woman was mentioning something about her being in 40 rap songs. I focused on the video, she was very pretty, charismatic, a very good speaker but I didn’t recognize her. 534 more words

Monica Lewinsky develops new way to combat cyberbullying

With Safer Internet Day upon us, Monica Lewinsky is rolling out a new strategy to help people cope with the excruciating experience of being bullied and shamed online. 291 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Monica Lewinsky Launches Anti-Cyberbullying Emoji Initiative

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Just in time for Safer Internet Day on Feb. 9, Monica Lewinsky has unveiled the #BeStrong Emoji Keyboard App, a new set of emojis intended to help fight cyberbullying. 188 more words

01.31.16 Heart and head do battle in the Democratic primaries

Hillary Clinton is by far the most experienced and qualified candidate for president this year, with background in the White House, the Senate, and as Secretary of State. 933 more words

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