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"A plague on both your houses"

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In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, a dying Mercutio condemns both the Capulet and Montague families for their feud, a skirmish in which was ultimately responsible for his death.  1,025 more words


Sex and Cynicism Home to Roost

Earlier on these pages, I queried whether mega-producer Harvey Weinstein would be facing his hard-earned day of reckoning had his political ally, Hillary Clinton, won the presidency in 2016. 402 more words


Bill Clinton, Roy Moore and the Politics of Hypocrisy

So the Left is having a cathartic come to Jesus moment over having stood by Bill Clinton all these years with eyes wide open to his sexual predator nature and the abhorrent treatment his accusers faced at the hands of Team Clinton. 787 more words

This is History: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Chicago Blackhawks Play First Game in 1926, 'Meet the Press’ Debuts, JFK Assassinated, Clinton Impeachment

Dave Plier and Roger Badesch discuss The Gettysburg Address, the first color Sunday comic, the Chicago Blackhawks play their first game in 1926, the premiere of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ in 1947, JFK is assassinated, ‘Who Shot JR’ is revealed in 1980 and the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal sweeps the nation. 18 more words

Chicago Blackhawks

9 pieces of practical advice about bullying

A teacher, psychologist, crisis-line supervisor and others share their suggestions for what you can do.

Bullying knows no borders — it occurs in every country in the world — and its impact can last long after the incidents end. 969 more words

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Monica Lewinsky’s favorite TED Talks to help prevent bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month in the US, and chances are you know someone who’s been bullied — or you’ve been bullied yourself.

Here, I’ve curated a list of TED and TEDx Talks that I feel unpack different aspects of the problems, solutions and experiences we’re facing in our modern world of bullying – both on and offline. 909 more words