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Strike the Sun

Today I had another meeting for my daughter. Perv therapist enjoys trash talking christians. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people who trash talk christians. 543 more words

#Hilarious defeat!!

Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the US Presidential elections has nothing to do with Bill-Monica scandal! although she has accused FBI and timing of her email probe for the loss but the fact is that she failed to generate faith in her presidency and was solely counting on women voters. 82 more words


A Clinton-Free Democratic Party -- No Need To Lie. No Need To Cry

With the era of the Clintons now over, Democrats should feel liberated.

Monica Lewinsky with President Bill Clinton at a White House function. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES… 866 more words

Fr. Raymond J. de Souza: Scrubbing itself clean of the Clintons is good for U.S. political hygiene

Last Tuesday, election day, I wrote of my expectation that Hillary Clinton would be elected, but that Donald Trump’s campaign had effectively exposed the Clinton machine for the corrupt syndicate it has long has been, an admission previously ruled out of bounds by the Washington establishment. 790 more words

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Why Can't We All Be Friends?

Public shaming is such an important topic that I feel is rarely addressed. It happens so often, yet it doesn’t seem to be brought up as a major issue. 614 more words

Happily Ever Afters

There is no better time than rainy afternoons to watch the 2004 fan favorite “A Cinderella Story” and doing so on a gloomy night after my social media class on public shaming I had a realization that the entire plotline of the Hilary Duff classic was just that. 368 more words

"What Happened to Compassion?"

Cyberbullying is bullying in the internet. Unlike bullying, cyberbullying can happen at any time of the day and get to anyone no matter where they are. 708 more words