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Meet the Clintons

The Clintons have to be the most
despicable family in politics.

by Ron A. Romero

Meet Bill

When Bill Clinton was elected President in November 1992 American Democrats were overjoyed, but early on in his first term, then the Clinton’s were under investigation for the “ 494 more words


Spreading someone else's word

Cyberbullying and social media is a tricky combination, especially when it involves harassment towards a single person, caused by a comment or a post that person made that is, perhaps, controversial.  417 more words

Public Shaming

Alright. Here’s a loaded topic.

Public shaming and cyber bullying.

Upon first glance, I immediately thought it was an issue that has had its rise in the new social media age. 496 more words

Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky. That name is known in pop culture as “that woman” with the blue dress. She is often the choice of costume to dress up for on Halloween or the subject in the most popular rap songs. 548 more words


Public Shaming

Social media and online platforms have completely changed the way people can communicate. This is both a blessing and a curse. Bullying and mean people have always been around but now more then ever they can hide behind a computer. 685 more words

Public Shaming in Social Media

After reading the New York Times article about Justine Sacco and learning more about Monica Lewinsky’s story through her TED talk, I really became aware of what’s going on in terms of public shaming in social media. 555 more words