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TV-Show TIP: Chicago Fire

I can´t tell you how much I love this show. I literally couldn´t stop watching it, so I ended up dedicating a whole weekend to season 1. 62 more words


A verdade está na cara

Sabe aquele sonho de sempre saber quando as pessoas estão mentindo pra você? Pois bem, o dr. Cal Lightman conseguiu realizá-lo. Após anos estudando o comportamento humano, Lightman tornou-se um verdadeiro detector de mentiras e, juntamente com sua sócia (a psicóloga Gillian Foster), abriu uma empresa que investiga fraudes e enganações tanto para o governo quanto para empresas privadas, ou ainda para indivíduos dispostos a pagar para descobrir a verdade, seja ela qual for. 225 more words


The truth is on the face

Do you know that dream to always know when people are lying to you? Well, Dr. Cal Lightman accomplished it. After years of studying human behavior, Lightman has become a real lie detector and along his partner (the psychologist Gillian Foster) he started a company that investigates fraud and deception for the government and for private companies, or to individuals willing to pay to find out the truth, whatever it may be. 210 more words

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'Chicago Fire' finale fan recap: Where in the world is Matt Casey?

Season 3 | Episode 23 | “Spartacus” | Aired May 12, 2015

When we last saw the boys and girls of Firehouse 51, they were not in the greatest place. 1,077 more words

'Chicago Fire' fan recap: A firehouse divided

Season 3 | Episode 22 | “Category 5” | Aired May 5, 2015

Chicago Fire promised a showdown between Truck 81 and Rescue Squad 3 this week, and although the root of the problem was Otis and Rice, the tension between the two rigs built so much that it threatened even the sturdiest, truest relationship in Firehouse 51—nay, in history: The Bromance of Matt Casey and Kelly Severide. 951 more words

'Chicago Fire' fan recap: We called it a crossover

Season 3 | Episode 21 | “We Called Her Jelly Bean” | Aired Apr 28, 2015

Another week, another NBC crossover event! This time with much more Benson. 1,030 more words

'Chicago Fire' fan recap: A firehouse favorite says goodbye

Season 3 | Episode 20 | “You Know Where to Find Me” | Aired Apr 21, 2015

Oh, my little firebugs: I am DEVASTATED. 1,010 more words