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》Get Familiar with the Monies

During my most recent trip, I stopped by London for a few days before I made my way into the rest of Europe. I was somewhat familair with the currency in Europe and even less so with the currency in the UK. 362 more words



“Okay, here’s the situation…”

I’m going to have some financial-oriented content to post soon, a series of articles about debt and my experience with it. I thought about starting a whole new blog for it, but let’s face it: I start new blogs and then run out of things to say and then they die. 159 more words


Budgeting for That Pretty White Dress

Oh, friends, it is officially winter wedding season! With that and my own wedding anniversary coming up, I’ve been reminiscing about our special day quite a bit lately and thought I’d share the story of how I paid for my wedding dress because it’s a great one. 424 more words


The Time Lord Can.

So I had posted on twitter a little while ago to lament the fact that I’m going to be a broke student again, as a joke, and it got me thinking about the fact that… yeah, I’m going to be a lame, broke student again and how shitty that is. 538 more words

Grad School