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What's In A Name?

I am a part-time music teacher and one of the things I do with my groups of 2-3-4 year olds is clap the rhythms of their names. 411 more words


The Tammy Wars

Sure, the Tammy movies were a setback, but for me, being named Tamara was always a point of pride.

Never mind that in Queens, where and when I grew up, its natural exoticism did not resonate. 197 more words


Everyone Should Have One

We are all given a name at birth.  Some like the name their parents gave them, and some do not, but our given and family names are what we go through life with and as. 645 more words


LOCAL NEWS: City of Cleveland Files For Extension To Name Monitor

The City of Cleveland and the Department of Justice are asking for more time to select a monitor to help track the city’s progress in transforming the police department. 92 more words


Maybe I don't need a moniker after all!

Last week, I wrote a three-part blog post, which talked about me choosing a moniker for myself.  The three monikers that I wanted to pick from were … “the cool dude,” “the classy dude” and “the casual dude.”  Of course, the people who read my blog recently were also allowed to come up with ideas of their own.   104 more words

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Joseph Needs A New Moniker (Part 3)

I’m still thinking about giving myself a new moniker sometime in the future … and today, I’d like to show you a picture of me as “the casual dude.”  I now have three options to choose from and they are … “the cool dude,” “the classy dude” and “the casual dude.”  Then again, I may come up with something myself … or maybe you guys could give me a suggestion as to which moniker I should use. 16 more words

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