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Redo Log file frequency per hour

Use the below Script to find out the log file switch frequency, It may help in planning redo log size and archive sizes. I did find some where on the net , this was helpful at times. 243 more words

Monitoring Scripts

Monitoring Scripts

/******************** Running Sessoin  ******************************/
SELECT /*+ choose */ s.inst_id,s.event,s.p1,s.p2,
s.status “Status”, s.sid, s.serial# “Serial#”, p.spid “UNIX Proc”, s.sql_hash_value “Sql Hash”,
ROUND(s.last_call_et/60, 2) “Run Min”, s.MODULE “Module”, s.logon_time “Connect Time”, 1,704 more words

Monitoring Scripts

Default Trace–Performance Issues

There are multiple events that a default trace in SQL Server 2005 and above tracks which can be significantly useful for finding out areas of improvement. 585 more words


WOOT: Schema Changes History Report on Power View

The last post in this series talked about using Power View to analyze the data stored in the SQL Server’s default trace. I decided to take this a step further by creating the… 162 more words

Profiler Trace

PowerView and System Health Session– IO Health

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PowerView and System Health Session–CPU health

PowerView and System Health Session–Scheduler Health

PowerView and System Health Session–SQL Memory Health

The SQL Server support team does get a lot of calls regarding slow performance which on analysis leads to a slow performing disk sub-system. 524 more words


Creating custom XEvent Templates

SQL Server 2012 added the Extended Events UI which made working with Extended Events session much easier. You no longer need to chalk up lengthy T-SQL scripts to spawn off your Extended Events monitoring session. 200 more words


System Health Session and beyond

I had blogged extensively about System Health Session available in SQL Server 2008 and above. I had also demonstrated how the System Health Session can be used in conjunction with SQL Server Management Studio reports in previous series that I ran on my blog. 254 more words