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Build your own Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution with ELK and JMX - part 2

This post is the second (and last) part in this short series about building an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution with open source tools.

In… 2,807 more words


Trump was MONITORED! We Should All Be Concerned

With the revelation by California Republican Rep. Devon Nunes that there appears to have been legal monitoring the Trump Presidential transition team, the average person would simply write this off as many Democrats are that there was nothing to see here; move along my little puppets.   677 more words

Getting the Most Out of Monitoring: Reactive vs. Proactive.

Picture this: It’s a day like any other while running your own large business when suddenly the servers hosting vital processes and customer databases cannot be reached. 626 more words


Alerting Best Practices

(notes from Next ’17)

The thin line between alerting and over-alerting

History of monitoring at Google

Monarch talk by John Banning

Stackdriver runs on top of Monarch. 271 more words


Not how i thought Paddys Day would go down

Firstly, an update on Splash, as a few people have asked after him. He saw a cardiologist Monday who ran some bloods and performed an ultrasound. 692 more words