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My Retro July 1967 Chart

1st July 1967

2 weeks on top for Nancy Sinatra, as Jackson foe Nancy & Lee goes up to 28, as an alternate version (probably more famous) by Johnny Cash & wife June Carter enters at 75, and also as My Elusive Dreams enters for Tammy Wynette & David Houston, another country standard – the Nancy & Lee version from 1968 is the definitive version, though it’s close-run with the Tammy Wynette & George Jones 1973 version (husband & wife, slowed down a la Nancy & Lee, and with real emotion). 3,731 more words

Oddest Concert Pairings

I have always liked odd mixtures. Anything out of the norm and I pay attention. That is why I blog about the past more than today. 682 more words



I have written previously in this column about my amazement concerning today’s technology. Just think how different things would have been when the Titanic sank if today’s technology had been available in 1912. 734 more words

Previously In My Weekly Column

Porcelain Doll-man

Tonight, I write about how sometimes we have to shatter everything to find the pieces that matter most.

I see myself in a picture,
Looking far away, looking removed, 288 more words


Double shot of the day - Together

I am sure you will recognize the tune once it starts. Here is two versions, one by NIllson and the other by Ringo Starr and Keith Moon of the Who. 31 more words


Taking my morning train

A fortnight today, the biggest shake up to rail timetables in the UK in a very long time is happening. I wont actually be here to see it, the only ‘trains’ I’ll be worrying about on that date will be the Seattle Light Rail, to get me to the baseball! 326 more words


Sound Of The Sunset, Sound Of The Sea | episode 05 - 1966 sessions 5/5

Megan and Craig from SamePageCast present
The Monkees track by track, session by session

Episode 05 – 1966 sessions 5/5… 81 more words

Track By Track