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Sound Of The Sunset, Sound Of The Sea | episode 01 - 1966 sessions 1/5

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The Monkees track by track, session by session

Episode 01 – 1966 sessions 1/5… 82 more words

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". . . missing link between The Archies and 'Anarchy in the UK'"?

While reading, and enjoying, Simon Reynolds‘s new book Shock and Awe: Glam Rock and Its Legacy, from the Seventies to the Twenty-First Century, I ran across this summary: 93 more words

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Career renaissances, revivals, etc. We keep on swinging

Though the year has been hard for its deaths, 2016 also has brought to us a lot of great music. And some of it has come from older artists, not just current favorites. 962 more words


MICKY DOLENZ: Hey! Hey! It's Micky Dolenz writing for you - FABULOUS 208 - JULY 1, 1967

Micky Dolenz: “During a recent episode of the show we had a Western setting, and the guys and myself were portraying cowboys. Naturally as in all Westerns we had a big gun fight with “the Bad Guys” (shooting duds of course) and after each ‘fight’ I went around and collected up all the bullets. 19 more words