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Exciting Book Sale Finds

Twice a year my local library holds a giant book sale. Though the sale is mostly for books, you can also find movies, CDs, records, audiobooks, and games. 546 more words


60’s Rock and Roll (Poems made of Memory)

  1. Pete Townshend is Now Old

I heard it and didn’t believe

Who heard it, you say, and then leave?

Yes they heard it and didn’t believe… 272 more words


Nirvana – “All Of Us” – Remastered CD insert (13)

Buying the albums sampled on “You Can All Join In”.

Today we continue with “Melanie Blue”‘s notes in the CD insert:

“By June work had begun on the 2nd album.  139 more words

Dreamy Sleepy Nighty Snoozy Snooze

Dear Reader – First the bad snooze… Thoughtful Man remains a resident of ICU and he’s mostly sedated…

*Probably, Clicky… /wan smile… Although when it comes to the art of sleeping, Popstar really is in a class of her own… /rolls eyes* 408 more words


The other week I went to a funeral in Davidson, NC. After the funeral I stopped in Monkees of Lake Norman to check out their sale, and I am so glad I did! 92 more words


Name that tune

By Sally Carpenter

In my mysteries I use song titles as my chapter headers. The protagonist in my cozies is a former teen idol, so the stories slanty heavy into music. 347 more words