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#27 - Conquer the monkey bars

Of all of my challenges, this is the one that the most people balked at.

“Why is conquer the monkey bars on here? Why do you need to conquer them?” 810 more words


Our New Playground

I’ve been watching the construction workers everyday to see the latest development in the Clubhouse in our subdivision that they have been constructing for months now. 292 more words


Monkey Bars of Destiny

Monkey Bars were designed to grab hold of and move from one bar to the next in order to get to the other end. Some people are challenged by the fact they have to let go of one rung to reach for the next. 99 more words


Theme of the Week: the color black

(13/365) 1/13/15: black monkey bar swings


God's Play Date: 1/10/15

Lately, it seems like I’ve been attempting to make my own plans without checking with God, but it doesn’t look like I ever have to worry because God will move things around to get me right where He wants me to be. 482 more words

Life Transformations