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Monkey Bars: Tips on Recognizing Controlling Behavior

Awhile back I wrote a post on trusting our gut instincts. As an autistic person I often don’t give myself enough credit when it comes to my impressions about someone. 1,557 more words

Feature By Aspling: Growing up Undiagnosed


Welcome back everyone! For this post I am excited to be featuring Aspling who writes about experiences of late diagnoses and advocates heavily for better services for autistic adults. 1,129 more words

An Autistic's Guide on Transitioning to College

An Autistic’s Guide to Transitioning to College:

College is a hard transition for even typically developing people. But for people on the autism spectrum it is extremely daunting. 1,128 more words

Monkey Bars- Watching My Niece Typically Develop

I am writing this in response to a conversation I had on Twitter recently with some other autistics.

The questioned posed by @SensIsStrength, another on the spectrum was this: 914 more words

Monkey Bars- Gut Instincts

Let’s talk about instincts. All too often we as autistic people get bullied or taken advantage of by the wrong people. Why? Because many of us let it happen and do not even realize that we are. 766 more words

Monkey Bars- How Grief Impacted My Autism

Today I am writing about a topic that was very intense for me as it is for all of us. Grief.

Last year my grandmother passed away. 712 more words

Monkeying Around - Engaging the Thumb

A huge milestone for a 9 to 11 month old is being able to grasp an object with the thumb and forefinger. But when your kid cannot master this at one let alone five or 10 years old, you need some intervention in the form of an OT (occupational therapist) to improve upon the fine motor skills that are delayed. 665 more words