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Kissing on the Monkey Bars

Very many times as I am writing these little true life stories, I am hit sideways with a new memory.  It sometimes makes me believe that all of our memories are neatly tucked away inside the many whorls of our brain.  591 more words

Hamilton Ohio

20 Weeks Home (Day +154)-5 Months Old & I Conquered the Monkey Bars!!!

October 11th was my 5 month stemmie birthday!  Most exciting part of it really is the fact that my hair is starting to really grow now.   1,531 more words


Monkeying Around..

It all started one day last year while out playing with my nieces and nephew in the local playground. There was a standard 8 or 10 monkey bars frame and my sister called me over, laughing and said “I bet I can do more monkey bars that you “. 412 more words

The Holistic Toolkit

Flapper Boy

Today I got my best flappers.

I’m using “flappers” in the climbing sense—where skin peels off the hands due to friction—even though I was brachiating rather than swinging. 682 more words


Brothers at Story Book Land

Yesterday when I posted the story on Story Book Land, it was mostly about Ana. Today I have some pictures and information about Jaxon and David, although I think Ana might show up in a picture or two. 597 more words

Life In The Dakotas

Weekly Photo Challenge - Look Up

Remember playing on the monkey bars on the school grounds or the local park? I do! Being young and daring, I would do all kinds of tricks and scramble up and down the monkey bars for hours of play. 30 more words