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Pumpkin Caramel Monkey Bread

I very rarely make Monkey Bread around here because it is VERY dangerous.

Case in point: I just had to try this pumpkin caramel monkey bread yesterday and I legit gained an entire pan in one day, even though I skipped lunch. 398 more words


Monkey bread.

I made monkey bread for breakfast, for myself and for the people in my dorm, and all I’m really thinking is that I want my own kitchen. 35 more words


Great British Bake Off: Monkey Bread

Episode 8: Advanced Dough

Recipe (Signature Challenge): Sweet Fruit Loaves

We are in the home stretch! This Signature Challenge kicked off the ‘Advanced Dough’ episode and tasked the competitors to create a free-form enriched bread loaf with fruit. 332 more words


Monkey Bread

September 10, 2001.

I was returning from a birthday visit to my daughter’s freshman dorm. We had dropped her off at college in August.

There was a full spectrum of empty nest emotions; joy at the prospect of an amazing experience for her, pride in her academics and independent spirit in going hundreds of miles from home, fear for her safety, and the intense loneliness of missing her. 279 more words


Going Apples (Bananas) For Sweets

This weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, but we started Fall a little early and took our troops apple picking. Our rascals swung from tree to tree looking for the sweetest, juiciest ingredient for this Saturday’s Caramel Apple Monkey Bread. 215 more words

Sweet Treats

Monkey Bread

You know how it goes; you buy this great big bunch of green bananas, plonk them in your fruit bowl and vow to eat them in a couple of days once they’ve ripened a bit. 221 more words


Healthy Sticky Bun Banana Bread Recipe

The Origin of My Sticky Bun Banana Bread

With the opening of Disneyland Shanghai having recently occurred, and the gorgeous pictures of the park flooding in, I wanted create something with an Asian flair. 691 more words