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Time flies... exciting news!

Gosh time flies doesn’t it!

So as you probably noticed this blog just tailed off in to nowhere last summer! Well don’t worry – I did make it out to the monkeys and I made it back too! 417 more words

Primate Conservation

Monkeys and apes can help farmers through crop-raiding!

Every one assumes that monkeys or apes coming in to farmers’ fields and taking crops is automatically a bad thing.. but my research in Indonesia has thrown up some interesting perspectives on crop raiding from local farmers and it looks like it’s happening in other parts of the world too. 260 more words

Fishing for smarties....the tragedy of the commons..

What do these:

and these have in common?

Well that is what my students found out today!

It’s getting towards the end of semester. Exams are coming up, coursework’s been handed in and people are knackered! 1,054 more words

Bushmeat Trade - again!

Once again I was teaching my class about the bushmeat trade today. To follow on from the lecture about the bushmeat trade two weeks ago we had a groupwork session on it today. 390 more words

On the way and battling the red tape!

I left the uk on Saturday 14th, back off out to Indonesia and the project

After 24 hrs of traveling I arrived in Jakarta, checked in to the Hotel Paragon in central Jakarta, then headed out for some food. 91 more words

Grand Raffle Draw Winners!

The Grand Raffle Draw took place Thursday morning at the Pavilion cafe. Tickets were drawn by the Pavilion’s manager Christine Hamilton in front of a packed crowd (well ok, not exactly packed but there were a few people there – thank you Niky, Anshu, Natacha and Preeya ;) ). 170 more words

RAFFLE! 7th June 10:30am Pavilion Club Cafe

Buy a raffle ticket and help me save the buton macaque!!

I’m still running the raffle to raise the final bit of funds I need for the project this summer. 223 more words