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Take your stinking paws off me...

After arriving in Bali very late the night before, we needed to find an ATM and that required risking our lives crossing a busy street of non-stop traffic. 630 more words


Monkey Forest, Ubud

I enjoyed our afternoon at the Monkey Forest. It was one of the many things I wanted to do in Ubud. People are either: interested and excited or intensely afraid of this place. 227 more words


Children of the Forest

Another film posted by James Jefferies, made while he and Erin Ranney were filming in Phana. This film gives a close-up view of the interactions between monkeys and humans in Phana. 26 more words

Long-tailed Macaques

Ubud, The Heart of Bali.

When I first stumbled into Bali from Australia on what then was a small “holiday” , I could tell something was different. First off leaving a first world country and going into a 3rd world one always has a bit of a culture shock.  1,163 more words


Ubud Monkey Forest...

I was in Asia the last two weeks for work, Bali and Singapore.  I did a little shooting in each location and plan to share images over the next few days.   220 more words


Monkey Forest

I recently visited Monkey Forest. Photographing the admiring Barbary Macaque.

This is one photograph from the day. I’m still sorting through the rest.


Identifying High-Ranking Female Macaques

Eliana Zuckerman and Hannah Rodgers, students at Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, came to Phana to carry out their “winter term project”. They were ‘looking for a way to learn about primate behavior and contribute to environmental education’. 1,127 more words

Long-tailed Macaques