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Monkey business

After 8 years of development and production, October Animation Studio’s animated feature MONKEY KING: HERO RETURNS (did he ever leave?) is playing in mainland China ( 132 more words


The Monkey King and Thoughts About Sutras/Poem

Honest, there is a poem-like thing at the end of this.

Are you familiar with the myth of Monkey, from China?

Well, he was an immortal that managed to anger Buddha sufficiently (in the common version) so that he was trapped under a mountain for 500 years until  freed by a monk travelling to the West, in search of Sutras.   445 more words

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The monkey king

A Ming dynasty novel written about the travel of the monk Xuanzang to China is called "Journey to the West". I understand that it introduces some mythical travelling companions for the monk, one of whom is the popular monkey king. 101 more words


Journey to the West

While most of us have some passing familiarity with the myths of ancient Egypt, Scandinavia and the Classical world, more obscure are the gods and monsters of the Far East. 938 more words