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Mmmmm, San Diego beer

Full disclosure – I’ve starting writing this piece about the wonderful craft beer I had an  opportunity to sample in San Diego while sitting at my “home” craft beer bar in Halifax.   430 more words


what the firkin

today i learned exactly what a firkin is when i found out green flash’s soul style ipa with mango and tangerine was going to be pouring out of a firkin at… 81 more words

Beer Knowledge

Hanamonogatari - 01

Hanamonogatari was released all at once and as such can be enjoyed as a single movie-length feature, but we decided to split our review into its five distinct acts. 544 more words

Anime Reviews

It's a bumpy road.

“It’s not bumpy road, Mama! It’s BUMPY! CAR!” Forget that the lyrics actually say, “It’s a bumpy road,” and the name of the song is not Bumpy Car, but… 285 more words


Day twenty: The best wish

<- Day nineteen

Literature is rife with cautionary tales about wishing for stuff, almost all focusing on telling you to just shut up and enjoy your life as it is, but let’s be honest: everyone that is part of those novels is also a moron by design. 653 more words

A Hundred Days Of Writing

Class of Heroes 2 Review: A School Where Everyday Is A Field Trip

As a long-time listener of the ANNCast podcast, I remember host Zac Bertschy once invited X Button writer Todd Ciolek on to help interview both Victor Ireland and John Greiner, head of publisher Gaijinworks and president of publisher Monkey Paws, respectively. 1,380 more words


John's Horror Corner: Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999), a worthy, less gory evil genie sequel with half the budget

MY CALL: A flimsier story and a little less gore than the original, but still this is a worthy sequel with a smaller budget that was stretched as far as possible for our entertainment. 551 more words

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