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March 2014

Kecak Fire And Trance Dance


 We hired a driver to drive us around Bali and its nearby towns. I recommend this rather than getting a taxi, because with a driver you can easily ask to stop at stores and tourist spots.   864 more words

Weymouth Woes

We have just returned from a half term break in Weymouth.  As Mum was unable to take her usual 6 week break to Turkey this summer, we decided that we would all go on a family break together (minus my youngest brother who is too cool to go on a family holiday).  550 more words

October Roundup

I started October in the worst possible way, quite ill, whilst on holiday! I did however manage to enjoy some of the holiday in Scotland and am very thankful that every little village no matter how small in Scotland seems to have public toilets. 235 more words

Shropshire, Dorset and Monkey World! 

We’ve been out and about in the motorhome quite a bit recently, and it was nice to visit Dorset, and show the kids where we used to live. 102 more words


Advanced Holiday Warning

Normal Service Shall be Resumed Next Week

Just when you thought I was back to normal writing about trailers, film reviews and box office, I’m sodding off on holiday for a few days.   236 more words

Personal Blog

Purbeck, Dorset Escape! - Final Day

Last day of our little Camping trip in Purbeck was a sad day, but only because I love camping and I simply didn’t want to go home to nothing. 237 more words


Investigating Dorset. Day 1

Every great journey has to start somewhere. Usually it starts with planning. Being huge slackers we didn’t plan much (Altough we did get a tiny map from Charle’s colleague, but we ended up only using it to find our guest house for the night.) 980 more words