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Monkey Business...

I boarded my 6th flight in 8 days. I’ve been in three countries today alone, check me out! I started in Borneo this morning, then stopped over in Malaysia, and finally landed in Cambodia this afternoon. 3,139 more words

A (very) Full House

We’re dog-sitting my mother’s dogs. So now our already rather mad and full household has two extra dogs to really manic things up a bit, especially as one is still a teenager! 261 more words

May 30, 2015 at 10:21AM

Japanese Snow Monkey by Ross Forsyth – tigerfastimagery

Just back from an amazing 10 days in Japan on holiday.One of the places high on my list to visit was the Jigokudani Snow Monkeys in the Nagano Prefecture.A long drive from our first base on the east of Japan through heavy rain broke into the most gorgeous afternoon for 5 hours of photographing these wonderful Macaques as they chased and fought with each other aswell as taking a dip in the hot spring.

May 30, 2015 at 08:28AM

Break fast [ “X” ] by RkRao

Place I Residence, Bethamcherla, Andhra Pradesh
Real living is living for others ~ Bruce Lee

Pink Chocolate Milk Monkey:  Stuffed Toy Remake

Oh my… This blog has not been touched in sooooo long! I have my reasons, of course: intensity at work, pregnancy exhaustion, first year of marriage hiccups, life in general. 424 more words




By Kamlesh Tripathi

Long time ago there lived a lazy farmer in the countryside who wanted to become rich without making any effort. One day he learnt of a Mahatma (noble and learned person) who lived in the jungles and about whom it was famous that by visiting and praying to him one could fulfill his wishes. 344 more words