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#bigbinkshow So Who Gets The Blame For LIL Boy Falling Into The Gorilla Exhibit At The Cincinnati Zoo?


Who Knows what the Gorilla at the Cincy Zoo was thinking about when a Little boy fell into his Exhibit.  Where were the parents?  How could someone get inside of an area which is supposed to be secure? 36 more words

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Chased by Monkeys in the Batu caves, KL!

I love Monkeys or so I thought! Heading to the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur was at the top of my travel to – do list. 561 more words


Monkey S01 E04

Monkey Swallows The Universe

Monkey and his fellow pilgrims continue ever onwards to their far away destination. The three supernatural beings smell something awful and Tripitaka spies human bones and evidence that a priest has been eaten. 850 more words


Let's go bananas!

I like bananas, I really do.  But not as much as this odd monkey who can be admired daily at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 22

To save a child or to save a gorilla? Harambe

I believe that Cincinnati zoo made the right decision by killing the gorilla, Harambe.  I can’t believe it took them 10 minutes to kill Harambe.  Yes, we want to protect endangered animals, but what happened to protecting humans?  683 more words


Ebola- Hunting for the Killer

Ebola. Vor vier Jahrzehnten wurde das Virus erstmals identifiziert, aber sein plötzliches Auftauchen und sein ebenso plötzliches Verschwinden sind bis heute ein großes Mysterium. Seit Ebola und ein eng verwandtes Virus 1976 im damaligen Zaire (heute Demokratische Republik Kongo) und im Süden Sudans (heute Südsudan) ausbrachen, flackerte die Seuche zwar immer wieder auf – aber nur in sporadischen Episoden. 710 more words

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