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Tyler Halliwell’s Fantastic Visions

Tyler Halliwell’s creations have been stunning the Internet for the past 8 years. Whether building models inspired by gothic auteur Guillermo del Toro or popular video game franchise Pokémon, his art never fails to impress in both character and building skill. 2,734 more words



Do we really need zoos in 2017?

Let’s take a moment to talk about the animals. Caged animals.

Recently I found out that there’s a national park located right in the heart of Chennai city and on my visit there I came to know that the actual park is a restricted area and a portion of the national park has been converted into a small zoo and has been open for the visitors. 684 more words


Everyone Love Funky Monkey!

Welcome to CUCIKAYA!
Website that will give you the power to control your destiny!

As an administrator, we do not just provide gaming platform services. We have experienced every games, to see how the game operation. 105 more words


King Kong Escapes review

Rated: 2/5

Just a mini-review this time. Been doing more hobby-time programming than watching films, and trying to finish playing GTA V so I can write a review for it, but Rockstar Games is filled with a bunch of cocksuckers who try to impede anyone from finishing the game if they either don’t have a good online connection or do any modding whatsoever (ie I’m having a hard time finishing it for reasons that have nothing to do with procrastination or gameplay difficulty). 808 more words


Day 7 - Ilha Grande Trek

I have officially been away for one week. It is really strange, it feels both like it was yesterday and forever ago at the same time. 869 more words

Surviving in Ark - Meet Bubbles

Recently, I have decided to give Ark another try. So far, I’m very much enjoying myself. 301 more words

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What's in the name?

It was one such day when you have nothing to do. A day for which everyone craves and when it finally arrives, we understand how better it is to be involved in some work. 1,162 more words