Monkey Advent - day 17

Hiya monkey fans

Todays’s task is fabidab as it’s a joint one. Yup that’s right two monkeys for the price of one hehe. Well the task in today’s Monkey Advent was to go on a ship and sail the seven seas. 261 more words


Monkey advent - day 16 - the Christmas market

Hello Monkey fans

well now we have those fab jumpers we revealed yesterday, we are going to do all the rest of the tasks in them as they are so lovely. 243 more words


Monkey Advent - day 15 - the official Monkey Christmas card is revealed

Well now monkey fans

Today is a very important day as it’s the day that we reveal the official Monkey and Millie Christmas card

We have bought our Xmas jumpers especially… 118 more words


Monkey Advent - day 14

Hiya Monkey fans

Today’s task was quite funny on the Monkey Advent Calendar. AT first I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it but I did cos I ‘m the best hehe. 142 more words


Millie Advent - day 13

Hiya Millie fans

I’m here today to bring some niceness back to Monkey Advent as well, after day12’s smelly offering, I thought I better had. Luckily my task today was a lovely one and I had something really sweet to do when I opened up the little bit of paper in my advent calendar. 165 more words


Monkey Advent - day 12 - poop tastic

Oops Monkey here

Forgot to post my message yesterday as well it was so busy that I got carried away and forgot. haha. Guess what I was doing though? 174 more words


Monkey Advent - Day 11

Task  11 for me Millie fans and what a task i have today. Find a food with a funny name – well there is lots and lots but I like this one the best – 37 more words