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Endlessly repeated words

There is a game – or at least a strange phenomenon – which results in you thinking that a given word sounds a bit odd when you repeatedly say it. 230 more words



Cutting through the muddy eddies of the swirling coffee creamer river, I recognize the forest’s roar first as a highway in the distance, then quickly realize the sound to be howler monkeys establishing territory. 456 more words

Finding Your Inner Ameoba

The story so far: half a billion years ago, give or take, the first microscopic specks of life began to form in the tepid primordial sludge then covering part of the three and a half billion year old Earth. 941 more words

Sensory overload Grenadian style

Grenada’s charm has completely overwhelmed our senses. From its irresistible rhythms playing out on car radios, shop stereos, live bands and even church halls it has the rascals and their parents gyrating and swinging to its beats everywhere we go. 2,214 more words

The unBalanced ecoLOGogist: Up The River and into The Woods

Having spent the better part of two weeks moving down the Amazon River from Tabatinga to Belém, I’m now in the midst of the last 2-1/2 weeks of my year-long sabbatical leave, working on all things ants with my friend and colleague… 2,009 more words


Off the beaten track: exploring Angkor Wat.

Angkor, what? Angkor Wat simply translates to ‘City of Temples’.

Tell me more you say?

To wander the ancient temples of  Angkor Wat is the primary reason for more than… 942 more words

Angkor Wat