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Pura Vida

It will be a little cooler in Monteverde, people warned us. Maybe as low as 60F/15C; oh, and it is the cloudforest, so it may be a little drizzly. 220 more words

An Appendage Stronger than Love

One is inclined and perhaps obligated to ponder the significance of the query and its timing when, immediately after sex, a woman turns to you and asks: “What is the most distinct difference between monkeys and humans?” My answer “monkeys have a tail,” came almost automatically even as I was listing the possible explanations to myself for why exactly she might be thinking about this particular issue at this particular moment. 1,254 more words

Traveling Malaysia

Day 2

Somewhat refreshed from a night’s sleep we hit the road to make our way to the Batu Caves. We knew it was going to be big, we knew it was going to be colorful but, what we didn’t know was that we were visiting in the midst of the Thaipusam celebrations. 125 more words


Ab Fab Mahabs

We always try to be honest with this blog, rather than presenting an idealised version of the backpacker life. So it is fair to say that our encounter with the dead turtles put a bit of a damper on our visit to Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram). 1,067 more words

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Nedēļu nodzīvojāmies pa pilsētu Ubud. Tā ir viena no populārākajām Bali pilsētām tādēļ, iespējams, var likties jau kaut kur iepriekš dzirdēta. Ubud’a atrodas salas vidienē un tiek pozicionēta kā salas mākslas un kultūras centrs, + tā ir ieskauta varenos tropu džungļos un “pasaku” rīsu laukos. 180 more words


Life's a Beach

About an hour drive from the bustling city capital of Bangkok lies the town of Chonburi. Situated near the Gulf of Thailand, this location is an ideal place for leisure time. 233 more words

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Not really…but if I did, here’s what I’d want.

1. Monkey race track: Actual monkeys in scaled down replicas of actual cars racing on a figure 8 track. 194 more words