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Battambang, and Baby Monkeys

Heading to Battambang

When we were in Banteay Chmar I asked the Frenchman called Paul what he thought of Battambang. He told us that he quite liked it and that we should check it out. 3,576 more words

Chinese Hiking at Emei Shan

Written~ two weeks ago

After hearing that hiking was most treasured hobby, my generous host fam set off this weekend to Emei Mountain, a sacred Buddhist mountain where the bodhisattva Pu Xian became enlightened.

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Portrait of a Monkey

Most visitors like to Bali are intrigued by the wild monkeys that inhabit temples and parks. I prefer to keep my distance. Notorious thieves of reading glasses, hats, bags and water bottles, monkeys can become aggressive if provoked. 197 more words


Chester Zoo 

We’ve been to Chester Zoo before with the children when Boo was tiny and whilst I was on maternity leave and so our last visit there was a little different to this year. 626 more words


Makin' nice with Mischievous Monkeys

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One of the most interesting days by far was this weekend’s experience at the Monkey Temple (Phra Prang Sam Yod) in Lopburi. 348 more words


“Post-Ebola syndrome” is something else to keep you up at night

(Source: arstechnica.com)

After the ghastly symptoms subside, Ebola may not be done; it may just shift to a clever stealth mode, a new study suggests. 911 more words


Parc Zoologique

We had a busy week. First, we moved to our new, permanent house. It’s a great house, and we were very excited to move (FINALLY!), but packing, moving, and then unpacking is exhausting.   337 more words