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The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a piece of rainforest in the middle of Ubud, where more than 300 monkeys live and three temples are placed… 234 more words


I've got a monkey on my kitchen balcony

today the monkey on my kitchen balcony was back and he almost scared me to death…you see it’s not really what I expect to find staring at me when I walk into my kitchen which is on the 20th floor…. 115 more words


A mini SE Asian Adventure

In the depths of dissertation stress, my boyfriend and I decided to book a holiday. I’d always wanted to go to Asia but having only 11 days free between us meant we were limited. 562 more words


Drag Yesterday into today...

Don’t you sometimes wish you could drag your yesterdays into your today’s. Its a crazy idea but i get that feeling at times. And its mostly not the happy times i want to take along with me, its the bitter, sad, teary,  heart-breaking times i want. 331 more words


Today I went to Vallée des Singes, it was a park with only monkeys, and some lemurs, like me!

We have the same eyes, we must be related! 70 more words


Dogs against monkeys at Japanese farms

This video says about itself:

Dog Vs Monkey In Japan – Wild Japan – BBC

11 July 2016

Japanese farmers have been using the internet’s favourite dog to protect their crops from thieving monkeys.


Anti-Colonial Primatology

Animal histories often attempt to de-centre the human in their narratives. They show instead how the actions of non-human animals have made possible and frustrated human activities. 424 more words