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The Origins of Human Language: The Rise of the Human Being

According to SIL International, approximately 7,102 living languages are spoken around the world today. However, some projections claim that by the time the year 2100 arrives, all languages that are spoken by populations and groups of fewer than 10,000 people will be gone. 752 more words

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The Origins of Human Language: How did we go from silence to speaking?

The tongue is the second organ that starts to appear in the fetus after the heart, and is, above most else, a tool for the process of language processing. 533 more words


Let’s delve deep into origins of the Human Language

How did we get from animal vocalization to human language? This is a question that may never be answered. Maybe it came late or suddenly, or perhaps it was a gradual process that was born as a matter of survival. 433 more words

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How do you escape the heat?

When asked the above question by @OFFLIFE_comic for tonight’s #quickdraw theme, I figured a band of well trained monkeys couldn’t hurt! We were given an hour to draw a response…this was my quick effort.


Redeeming lives of Fukushima’s irradiated animals -- The Yomiuri Shimbun

” In the wake of the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, much remains unknown about the long-term health effects of the radioactive substances released. 303 more words

Fukushima Daiichi