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Blogging Benedict: My initial thoughts when I finished the Rule (this time)

What follow are my initial notes jotted down when I finished read the Rule of St Benedict this time. They are edited slightly for clarity. 588 more words


Studious Monk Bookends Revisited

We purchased this pair of monk bookends at an antique show in 2016,  They are porcelain, and carry a mark which we could not identify, but we posted them on… 182 more words


Monks, Popes, And Their Political Intrigues DjVu

The metadata below describe the original scanning. Follow the All Files: HTTP link in the View the book box to the left to find XML files that contain more The monks of kublal khan emperor of china. 428 more words

Cats to Conjure With

I don’t have to think about it. I admit it: I am a dog person. There’s something about dogs’ joyful optimism and irrepressible enthusiasm for everything from food to a good stick that makes me happy; not to mention their devotion and companionship. 412 more words


Could we put together a Latin Philokalia?

This Lent I succeeded at finishing the English translation of vol. 1 of The Philokalia. Still four volumes to go (although vol. 5 still in production)! 462 more words


Mekong, Monks, and Market

What is the common thread of the Mekong River, monks and markets? Nourishment, the passionate joy of discovery, a shifting of the inner self to allow meditative balance. 392 more words

Hulne Park - Maid Marion, Towers and lurking monks

Escape from the world at the magically serene Hulne Park.

Originally a hunting park, and owned by the Duke of Northumberland, the only remaining park out of the three that once surrounded Alnwick. 655 more words