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Poor Translation

The Spaniards arrived at the temple first, looking for gold. New to Cambodia, their translations were incomplete. All the Spanish got from the monks was, “Beware the Nangalang.” 134 more words

Short Fiction

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Time again to turn to the artist adept at ‘sewing coats give the mere buttons’ - no two alike - that leave you wondering at the cut and the fit and wanting more! Here he walks you down a don’t-know-where-it’s-headed path until in a flash it’s all laid bare, only some 100+ words later!


Yurik’s knee graced the sandy ground as he lifted Hysom to his body. He placed his fingers on his wrist. “He is still breathing.” He looked at the dumb stricken Randan. 1,840 more words

"Imitating the blessed apostles": The matrix for ancient and medieval discipline

In my new job, I am acquainting myself with the works of the monk-historian Simeon of Durham, who died around the year 1129. In his  510 more words



right now

blood comes quickly through
hollow floppy tubes

swoosh swoosh back and forth
in and out and round the salt-body

break for a breath… 66 more words


Playing Chicken

My neighbours have built a chicken coop (‘a chook shed’ as we Aussies say) in their suburban backyard with high hopes of having fresh eggs for breakfast for many years to come. 772 more words