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You Know You're In Southeast Asia When...

There are quite a few things that smack you in the face when you’re visiting Southeast Asia. Things that make you think, “Whoa. I’m really here.” Things you’ve never seen anywhere else. 447 more words


The Wats of Mae Chaem

This is a continuation of our road trip around the north-western part of Thailand. To read from the start, click HERE.

Day four

I was feeling a little bit sick with a cold, so we decided to pay for another night at Pimnapa Guest House, and made some short, local excursions on the bike. 478 more words

Written By David

Highway 108 - The Dark Knight rises

We’re going on a road trip around north-western Thailand. There’ll be new posts every few days!

Day one

We hired an automatic scooter named ‘The Dark Knight’ from a Hawaiian named Glenn, who had lived in Chiang Mai for fourteen years, and had a small dog with a penchant for chicken feet. 917 more words

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Day 107: Rumtek Monastery at Sikkim

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Rumtek Monastery. One of the biggest monasteries in Sikkim. One needs to have ID cards to enter the place and walk for a km or so before you reach the monastery from where you have an amazing view of the valley. 95 more words


The Monks (No, not those Monks, the other Monks!)

The Monks were big in Canada, selling a shit-ton (they use the metric system over there, and “shit-ton” is Canadian for, well, lots and lots) of records in 1979 to a bunch of kids like me wanting to dip their toe into punk but still needing that ‘fun’ element that was so non-existent in a lot of early punk. 442 more words


Sticky rice for monks

In Phayao, we rose at 6.30am and rode down to the boathouse next to Wat Tilok Aram, a floating island shrine, which sits atop a sunken temple that was flooded 80 years ago when the lake was created. 506 more words

Written By David