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Barns of Europe

Just a few photos of barns, from last year holiday of Germany, Switzerland and France 2017, can’t resist a beautiful old barn.


2084 Mono, Ch. 3

I didn’t eat “food” the night before, so I hoped I would sleep well, or at least tolerably that night. But I ended up having a series of nightmares about some random woman running away, and getting shot or something; it was different every time. 4,083 more words



Jackdaw on a roof at Church Farm.

An earlier image in this series is here: 1 .

Click onto the image to open another version in a separate window, and click onto that image to enlarge it further. 32 more words


227 - Defending the Enemy

Today over 200 papers across the United States featured op-ed columns defending the free press as a fundamental and essential institution.

I support the free press by subscription to local and national news.

Do you?


A Dining Car At Pickering, Yorkshire

In 2015 we visited Pickering Castle in Yorkshire, which I posted about in 2015, while we were there, we had a look at the train station.   321 more words


Mono - Hardcore Junglism 2 & Rude Boy Jungle 3 (Mix)

The never ending archive Planet Disco (Mono himself?) from Munich gives out two nicely mixed oldschool tapes full of darkside jungle, breakbeat hardcore, D-jungle, bits of early breakcore, hardcore techno and rave. 12 more words


A Smoking Steam Engine

A smoking steam engine, but for the life me, I can’t remember where, it could be Wales.  I just like the smoke, but if anyone knows where, please tell :)  

Black & White