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Photographic Insecurity

Alright, here’s me coming clean. I love angles. No, not angels – though those are nice too.

I still can remember the last selfie I took on my digital camera in 2008. 479 more words

Medical Research Wows

Hiyas! So I was scrolling through my Facebook and came across this video on NowThis. It’s about stem cells and retinas.

What do you think? Exciting, hey?! 28 more words

VIII.V.MMVIII - Monocular Vision :: "Suyin, What's your story?"

  • August 5th 2008; I woke up with a strained feeling in my left eye. It was fairly pink.
    A week later, it started to go red and began to swell up (the whites were visibly inflamed past the shape of my iris).
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