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Desert Monolith

This was a cool formation somewhere near upper Lake Powell in Utah.

Snake Charming

I thought my progress might falter when it came to the larger beasts and characters for Conan, but I seem to have settled into my approach, so the first two were done over a few short painting stints. 154 more words


Temple Touring

Grand Central Chennai

I had to say a temporary goodbye to my grandparents as we made our way by train to visit more family in Bangalore. 1,340 more words


Spot the Hyena

I’ve finished the Pictish tribe for Conan, adding warriors, archers and a pack of hyenas roaming through the village.

Being satisfied with my first purchase of 25mm bases, I also received my second order of clear bases from… 58 more words


Why Microservice?

Companies like Netflix, Amazon has adapted the concept of Microservices in their products. Microservices is the hottest topic in the software industry. Many organization wants to adopt it. 1,175 more words


Baalbec magic lantern slides

…. and the answer to the caption competition in the last post is “Does my bum look big in this?”

I notice in the news that as ISIS is being pushed out of parts of Syria, ancient sites are now being revisited to assess the damage done. 324 more words


Misty day, remains of the Judgement

Misty day, remains of the Judgement

The blades of sunlight are safely kept behind bars and the day is may hold piece. Still, I can hear the flies crawling around with buzzing sounds they take to the skies. 508 more words