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Internal Dialogues #1

“2015 is going by so fast, isn’t it?”

“Faster than I could ever hope for,  that’s for sure. I mean look at us: We’re fatter, more stressed, still hopelessly in love with the same girl we’re in love with since three years ago—” 231 more words


What if...?

I have to forget about this.
I mean you.
I don’t truly miss you, I miss the person I was when we were together.
I miss the memories. 193 more words


food sketching

playing with food in a different way…

mango and strawberry crepe, pancake house

sipa (fried dumpling), wok inn

birthday treat of a friend at 52nd estate, makati… 32 more words

Key takeaways

Isn’t it funny how we know someone best when one leaves, rather than when one approaches?

Like reading a book – we comprehend the value of the story the most once it’s over, not during the flipping of its first pages. 127 more words


Musings of a Drunken @#$hole #3

I wonder; when exactly did we all become fearful of the fedora? Did the hipsters and the too-cool-for-schoolers get together and pass a mandate against it? 303 more words


Don't write crap.

At a recent writing workshop with Michael Bracken, he said that long internal monologues are deadly.

That threw me a little. I have been trying to write close third person point-of-view (POV), where the reader really rides in the POV person’s head. 516 more words

The Race

There is a race
That is run across the face
Of the earth, everyday.
Racers line from a starting place called ‘Birthday’
They all have enough fuel for the first leg. 429 more words