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Letter From A Star

And I will keep for longer than your soul has patience for,
for longer than what the body that you have now has said or determined as its limit. 218 more words


Gentlemen (with recording)

Okay, this is my Victorian Rentboy Ghost, he’s rather fun, but i must admit i can’t get his voice quite right in performance. He was originally supposed to be cockney, but my attempt at the accent sort-of came out as a bit bristol, a bit westcountry, sometimes cockney and posh in bits where he’s not putting on his ‘posh-voice’. 1,933 more words


"The Craving"

Idea courtesy: Himaghna Ribhu Maitra.
Translated from Bengali.
Bengali version by: Himaghna Ribhu Maitra.

I have always wanted to visit this place. I have always had this immense craving to see this place in its grotesque prettiness. 188 more words

She Speaks - Sunday

I blitzed- I blitzed it. I blitzed through it. Why can’t you?

Sure, everyone feels down. Feels a little- a little wobbly. Eventually, you wobble on out of it. 313 more words

Creative Writing

21st Century role models

  • Btman: he’s not the hero that Gotham wants, but he is the hero that Gotham needs. Self-explanatory; perceived u ndesireable altruism but necessary vigilante to import morality and a just cause into inner-city Politics – it’s that – or migrate- ;))
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Caught in a Trance

First off I’d like to apologize for my extensive break on publishing anything on this blog. That’s my bad and hopefully the next time I take a break it won’t be nearly as long. 926 more words


Political 'Parties' TTeams

Labour should@
NIMO: – tow party lines
– If u had a Lecister City’FooFball plauer then he went to Arsenal ud be like what the fuck, doe sn’t ssuit the style of play/Manager/Corbynism So ud tell him/her to fuck off. 173 more words