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I look for you
whenever, wherever
can you show yourself?

I’d long for you
if you won’t leave my mind
might as well stay in my heart… 6 more words



Yes I’m detached. I have felt nothing but pride in that. The more I was detached in my childhood, I ruminated. Maybe my proclivity to ruminate is what caused my detachment? 202 more words

Could You Help Me Get These Garbanzo Beans Off Of My Hands?

Hello, my name is Marty Turner. You might know me from not knowing me unless we’ve met. Whatever our history together isn’t, I have a problem and I hope you have the solution. 768 more words


#3 Fact Checked

“Well, I believe we have some power over what we love, it isn’t something that just happens to a person.”

“I think the poets might disagree.” 144 more words



i don’t know
if i’ll die tomorrow
or if the sun goes out
or the rain will pour

if i do then what is the point… 22 more words



It was a dull evening and clouds looked heavier and darker than usual. It was as if a blue cake had been thrusted with huge chunks of dark chocolate. 1,034 more words


day 315: grandfather speaks (part 4)

“It smelled clean. Their house did, it smelled like cleaning detergent and baby powder. They had a baby, a two month old. Cutest little baby you ever seen. 88 more words

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