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Joke time p. 296

An iPhone 5C has saved a 25-year-old man’s life from a shotgun bullet. Big whoop. It has saved my life at every social event I have been to since 2013 by allowing me to pretend to be on the phone and not interact with anybody real.


the NEED

My life was never sure

I preferred to stay in the confined walls of my yesterdays because truly the echoing sounds of tomorrow scares me… 1,023 more words


Dear Taong Galit sa Lahat

Bakit ka ganyan?
Sarili mo na lang palagi ang iniisip mo. Hindi mo man lang inisip na baka mas kailangan mong unahin ang kaligayahan ng iba bago ang sa iyo. 155 more words


The Simpsons & Wheel Of Fortune Say "Good Riddance" To Letterman

The only thing people are going to be talking about today, besides the weather is…David Letterman!!! He’s had a nice long thirty-three year run! And the show couldn’t have ended any better than it did last night! 149 more words


Anger and Progression

I am alone and I am angry. I am well aware of what I can control and what I can not. I am angry because of where I am. 255 more words


Reasons To Start A Blog

This is my first post as a brand-new blogger, and I’m super excited!

Actually, I used to have a site, but the URL was my full name, which was kind of useless. 216 more words


If anyone can make a decision, it’s you Simon

Simon. Hello.

Of course, you don’t know who I am. Of course, I do know who you are.

I’ve seen you on the box loads of times, but I must admit since baby Eric came along I’ve been paying a lot more attention to you. 476 more words