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Rolling Green Hills

A dramatic monologue. To be performed with “Mary” as a photograph.

(before she starts speaking, puts a kettle on to boil)

I remember Mary, when I was young, the rolling green hills I would walk past on my way to school. 292 more words

What If?

This week we were focusing on monologues for our screenplays, this was one of the prompts I worked on.

***Warning: it does get pretty serious/deep at the end. 285 more words


Monologue (Damaged Roots, 2017)

It’s common for people who grew up across and between cultures to wonder who they would have been if they hadn’t moved. I have often wondered if I would be different if I had never left my home city, if I had stayed and taken part in all the rituals and rites of passage of a more traditional, monocultural life. 498 more words


I think I need help

I find myself rambling in monologues a lot lately, directed at friends whose faces always inevitable change from caring, to concerned, back to caring, then a mix of both before they say, “I think it might be good for you to see a professional.” 175 more words


The Quiet: Inside an Introvert

This is a relaxation. Feels to be home. This is my return (sort of).

I’ve felt like introvert, after a long time, and this is the real me, as far as I know. 77 more words


VEver think u should help someone

Help dont hinder. THats hinduism taoism. Some google reading.

And ting.
Dont judge
Dont bully
be Frineds with everyone

No sex.

IDealist. 60 more words