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Moving On Is The Hardest Thing I Ever Have To Do

By: WabiKong

Moving On. Sometimes in our lives, moving on is the hardest thing to have to do. Moving on means saying goodbye to everything you once knew so well. 149 more words



This happened at the grocery store:
I was inches away from the bag of oats when a woman rushed towards me, shrieks and arms flailing. “It’s you!” she screeched. 589 more words



Saya ingin mengenal kamu lebih dekat.

Tidak hanya sekedar berbagi buku bacaan terbaru atau sekedar mengucapkan semangat bekerja.

Saya ingin mengenal kamu lebih dekat.

Berbagi seputar kegiatan di kantor hari ini atau hanya sekedar berbasa-basi mengucapkan ” 56 more words


Flowers at Midnight

I like the idea of talking to myself such that it is no longer an idea but a habit. Not that it started just today, but I have been this way for as long as I can remember. 255 more words



Oh, friends! What if I’m too stupid to live this life?
Back in those peasant days–those days of hoes and beans–if you were stupid, you were surrounded by stupid. 346 more words

Animated Husk

alive with sound of
steel cars
men buckling and unbuckling
with small head lamp beams
glow in the black
radio transmissions
machinery and gears… 87 more words

Emerys Watchel

364) Social Anxiety

When they ask me why it is I don’t dance…I tell them it is because I am afraid to. My body only moves to the rhythm of my heart beating to the sound of my breath as I… 116 more words