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Like a Tito Ortiz monologue, Bellator 170 fight with Chael Sonnen is a bad idea too good to ignore

There ought to be a word for the feeling you get when Tito Ortiz makes it clear that he is about to attempt to recreate a Christopher Walken monologue. 7 more words

Like we know-poem

Like we know

Why do we stop in the middle? It’s like we start with knowing that we are gonna lose.

Why do we say perfection is impossible and than we judge little mistakes? 102 more words


n e w h e i g h t s

I did somethings this week that I have never done before.

Things were building up from my birthday weekend. I launched my lupus fundraiser to my family and friends… and donations started trickling in. 757 more words


The sky is almost vanilla

It’s 6:54 PM and Cyberjaya had just recovered from a downpour. Not as bad as yesterday’s angsty storm but adding to the combos of the week’s constant wet evenings. 137 more words



Maybe if you’ve asked me, I would’ve answered

Maybe if you’ve tried harder, I could’ve have given you the chance

The kind of chance that I rarely give to others; 167 more words



I just turned 22 last January 3.
I never thought time would be this fast.
I turned 22 so quick and it seemed like I just had my 18th birthday. 311 more words


Middle-Aged Arsonist by Jeff Richey

‘Ghost dancin’ round the fire is what we used to do as kids. There wudn’t no TV or shit like that back then. We had to play, really play. 19 more words