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Day Two; Acting Course


Today’s acting class consisted of learning vocal techniques and duo/monologues.

Vocal Techniques, sounds nice and easy, breathe, speak, blah, blah, blah. Actually, as any thespians out there know, there is a little bit more to it than JUST breathing. 440 more words


Mental health

  • Be supportive
    – Be communal: even if u live in’the hood’ u can ask how people r doign, genuinely/n not be obsessing./fixated with only “power and status” / wealth but actually waag1 with ur personal life/girlfriend/hobbies/footie/team/mum/family..
  • 320 more words

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Open Locker

A/N: a wee bit late, not my best work and I’m not even sure where this was going. Check out Tim.

Prompt: Open Locker… 404 more words


Wanita di TransJakarta

“TransJakarta” atau biasa disebut “TJ”, atau yang lebih familiar orang-orang menyebutnya “busway”.

Saya sangat mengapresiasi perkembangan TJ yang terus menambah armada bus baru mereka, jika pada satu tahun lalu saya naik TJ di pagi hari saat orang-orang berangkat kerja terasa begitu sesak, berhimpitan bahkan saya pernah hampir terjepit pintu karena saking penuhnya TJ yang saya naiki, belum lagi di halte busway juga berdesak-desakan. 234 more words


Do it.

Be enthuisiastic and thoughtful,

saw that on a bench today as I was walking to lectures #Pers’pective




Was that ever the right word
for what we once were?

I know that the word leaves
a bitter taste on your tongue
the way that it scarred my mind… 509 more words



If ur sitting here reading this and ur white/upper middle class or old..just know u’ve probably got it very sweet. Firstly let’s address why: u ((predominantly) don’t give to charity, or have a periphery nation-esque struggle: i.e. 1,096 more words