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Thinking Out Loud

There’s been a time, where I alway wanted to write. About me, about books, about things that stuck to me, that gave me inspiration. Thoughts that made me who I am today. 411 more words


A Graveyard of Tears and The birthplace of Laugher. 

You remind me… not of a thing or place,

But of a person, a feeling, an emotion,

I recognized you and that was when I knew… 377 more words

The Chronicles

Monologue #2: A Battle Cry

Here’s the second monologue added to the PAGES on the right of my site.

In my play “Life with Stewart”, Nicholas Stewart, an aged Hollywood movie star, is asked to deliver again his famous speech as the unforgettable protagonist Wellesly Green from the movie “Surrender has no Tomorrow”. 398 more words



Religion is the impotence of the human mind to deal with occurrences it cannot understand.—Karl Marx

Mainland China

China as we know it got its start when Mao led his army of peasants with swords and pitchforks from southern China north to Beijing—with the majority of the peasants dying along the way—and beat the pants of the western-backed Nationalist Party, who literally had tanks and machine guns. 479 more words


Of Missing Someone

They try to define missing for you, you know? They go as far as to define standards, when to miss people, how to miss them, what kind of missing is right and what is wrong but they are fools, if you ask me. 192 more words


In Captivity: Blindsided

(Welcome to Part 3 of the Internet exclusive short story, “In Captivity.” Part One and Part Two are in the links. Language warning.)

New foot. Clean slate. 392 more words



// listening: Lukas Graham – 7 Years //

Меня зовут Б., мне 18 лет, живу в Казахстане, учусь… стоп, а это вам интересно? Мне лично – нет. 8 more words