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5 Things You’ll Never Know I Still Think About

By: Alicia Carter

  1. When she told you she drinks tequila; did you think of our first night together?
  2. Did you know the first week you left, my lungs were filled with water and I couldn’t breathe?
  3. 84 more words

Headache. Part 5.

This, as you can tell, is part five of an ongoing short story. Please start reading from part one for context. Thank you. 

There is a dog. 576 more words


Monologue 2 : Jatuh Hati

Jatuh Hati

cast : y/n & “gebetan”mu. // ps : amat sangat pendek


Tatapan matanya sangat hangat, layaknya sebuah api unggun di tengah dinginnya malam. 143 more words


Human Garbage, Sponsored by...

A mechanically controlled toy train slowly travels across the 50 feet long conference table in the special strategy room of the prestigious, 100 year old organisation, ‘Titsinmyballs’. 539 more words


I'm not insane.

I’m not.

I had a talk tonight and the topic of work and travel appeared. For me work and travel was always something i wouldn’t do because i wanted to be there for my friends. 370 more words


dVerse Poetics - The Spouses

Kim is our guest prompter today at dVerse Poetics (kim@writinginnorfolk.com).  This is her first time hosting for us!  She is asking us to write about, being, the spouse of someone famous, hopefully, someone dead so no libel.  271 more words


A monologue written by me...

2 years ago, 19th of May, 3.25pm, I became the person I waited to be for 8 long years, I became, Mrs Blaine Carlisle. Since the day I met him, I have fallen in love with him deeper than I ever thought was possible, a love more intense than any other I have ever known. 721 more words