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Episode 24 - Multiple Senpai Noticed Us

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Master Wayne | Caerulus Rex |

Tonight we host Andrew Anglin, Jazzhand McFeels, and Azzmador to discuss the future of the Alt-Right and what strategies we can use going forward. 641 more words

MVIM - Evaluation and Film


To Evaluate this project I strongly believe that I have created an animated piece demonstrating a character who’s Monologue and Inner Monologue differ from each other, as well as giving a good character performance. 321 more words

Pieces | Letters of Rejection

Pieces is a new feature here on Infinity Reads where I share some fictional pieces of writing I have done over the year. Happy Blogmas Day Two! 624 more words


005 Awaken

Everything is mixed up together.

At first they shattered into pieces.

Then they started to float up. All of them.

Just like there’s an invisible current, they flowed. 494 more words


004 reminiscence

It is an ordinary day.

As I reminisce about my past, I have come to realise.

There was a time.

When the drive kicked in. 252 more words


003 Silence

There will be no sound.

There will be no noise.

Nothing can be heard.

Nothing can be voiced.

In this island of silence, I sit still. 47 more words


002 counterfeit

What will she think?

What will she think if she had know that all of my actions had been calculated?

I am a mastermind. Excel in crafting strategy. 75 more words