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Just wondering... (Simeon)

Just Wondering …

I wonder when contributing to all discussions that are floating around you became a mark of your perspicacious nature.
I wonder when crying at people’s word, beating yourself to comatose when it’s like your hope is no more feasible, putting a rope round your neck any these worthless paroxysm of emotions became a sign that you are tender hearted. 143 more words



last episode on Blind date…..


“Well I honestly think these young minds, deserve a fair trial, they all deserve that bail,”there were some exchanges between the prosecutor and the lawyer before the Magistrate interjected breaking that news “i grant you 5000 bail or …”it felt a relief,I felt like jumping,this was the point I looked at Shiko,she was smiling but I felt like cursing her.” 1,430 more words




There’s a strange solace whenever depression strikes. Like that familiar yet sordid taste of swallowing a pill dry and trying not to choke on its irony. 207 more words


In Check

Last Sunday was the longest 24 hours of my life.

It’s so difficult to put all of my emotions into words.

My husband had surgery Sunday night, and we spent two and a half days in the hospital.   195 more words

Subjective Realities - An Introduction To This Blog, of Sorts

How do you define living? Well, that depends on who you’re asking.

To me, it’s mercurial – as in, it fails me sometimes, and other times I brush shoulders with the sky. 306 more words

Spilled Ink

1.1 Dealing with my inner self.

“Why do I  feel so down? This isn’t me at all! All the anxiety of life struck me all at once. I’m too young to feel all of this. 234 more words


My left hand fell deathly cold as I picked up the ball point pen in front of me. The tremble in my limbs was uncontrollable as I angled my left arm down towards the paper, words blurred, text unrecognisable, like a foreign tongue, I suddenly have no conscious ability to unscramble the transcript before me. 215 more words