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Thanksgiving, heart attacks, colds and hidden sources of MSG!

This weekend and today is Thanksgiving weekend (with today Monday being Thanksgiving day) here in Canada. It’s a traditional holiday weekend, for parties/dinners with family – whether they be blood family or chosen family, and great food!  1,335 more words


The Food Offenders

Have you caught yourself wondering what is in the food that you are eating?   I caught myself wondering that question and I also wondered what kind of effect of what I am eating is having on my body.  616 more words

Ah, the Good Stuff.

There are many names for this compound: the white stuff, the bad four-letter word “sn*w”, tasty flakes, tooties, the good stuff. These are all names I’ve heard for the compound monosodium glutamate or MSG for short. 1,102 more words


High fructose corn syrup – it's just sugar

Via The Original Skeptical Raptor

One of the most frustrating things I’ve observed in nearly six years of writing (here and in other locations), is that those who want to create a negative myth about a new technology (especially in food or medicine), one of the best ways to do it is mention “chemicals.” 164 more words


India hits Nestle with $99 million lawsuit after noodle scare

From Reuters, Aug 2015

MUMBAI/ NEW DELHI – The Indian government has filed a lawsuit against Swiss food firm Nestle’s Indian unit, seeking 6.4 billion rupees ($99 million) in damages on behalf of consumers after the country’s worst packaged food scare in a decade. 397 more words


Monosodium Glutamate: How Is It Harmful?

The problems associated with processed food continue to grow. We have all heard this, and we’re aware of it.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor-enhancer generally added to Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meats; it’s also found in sausages and potato chips. 543 more words

Why do fast and artificial foods taste so good even though you know they aren't

Do you ever wonder  why those burgers, french fries, chicken nuggets etc, taste so god darn good when you know they are only going to get you fat and strike you with some sort of unhealthy diet routine, well so did I,   396 more words