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The Food Babe was right; Dutch supermarkets guilty of selling poison as food

Many discredit the Food Babe as being too extreme. But they obviously disregard the huge difference in the way our ancestors ate and the kind of frankenfoods we have now. 434 more words

Albert Heijn

Label fables part I - Monosodium glutamate

This is by no means a new topic, but still as relevant today as when the (now outdated) term “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome” was first coined in the 1960s. 902 more words

Non-Evil Salad Dressing

Salad dressing is a little evil, if you think about it. It tastes so good, and when drizzled over a bowl of salad, it seems so innocent. 268 more words

அவளும் நானும் - 1

எப்போதும் பரபரப்பாக இருக்கும் அந்த அங்கடித்தெருவில் அன்று மயான அமைதி, என்னோடு அவள்!

கைக் கோர்த்து நடக்குமளவுக்கு இன்னும் பரிச்சயம் இல்லை, இருந்தும் கைகள் உரச நடந்தோம்!

சாலையோரம் கால் ஊனமான முதியவரின் முகம் தர்மம் கேட்டதை அவளறிந்து தன் பையிலிருந்து காசு எடுத்தப் பின்புதான் நானறிந்தேன்.

Tamil Writings

Bloke in the Kitchen. Chemical assistance

Taking the mystery and fear out of cooking

Degrees of cheating II

It sometimes seems as though the food purveyors of the 21st century are determined that we should all be overweight, with high blood pressure and blood sugar . 833 more words


The ‘mystery ingredients’ in fast food are actually industrial chemicals

Many people are aware of how bad fast food is for them – or at least, they kind of are. But the faults in fast food do not lie solely in the exorbitant calories, excess fat and copious use of salt and sugar. 450 more words