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Added page titled Frottage plus images of final presentation of monotypes shown at Degree Exhibition 2015.

Hot Off the Press

16 New Monotypes. These will be available at my 900 Santa Fe Drive studio. The studio will be open this evening, Friday July 10 from 5PM until 9PM, tomorrow, Saturday July 11 from 10AM until 3PM, and Friday July 17 from 5PM until 9PM.



While I was looking for some book cloth in my paper drawers, I discovered that I have an infestation of unfinished melagrane.

Melagrana (meh•lah•GRA•nah) is a parola piacevole (pa•ROH•la pyah•cheh•VOH•leh), a really likeable word.   257 more words

Italian Language

Different Color Eye Day

July 12th is a day that celebrates eyes, specifically individuals that have two different color eyes. This condition is referred to as heterochromia iridum. Walking through the museum, the portrait monotypes depict the most eyes as most people would expect. 42 more words


Monotype with Carandash on screen

I was experimenting in the summer of 2014, with new printmaking mediums that were non-toxic.   After drawing with Carandash watercolor crayons on the screen, the screen printing transparent ink base is  squeegeed over the drawing, printing it onto the paper.


Four Trace Litho portraits

I experimented with Trace Lithos, a medium I noticed in a Gauguin exhibit in MoMA last year.  My professor demonstrated it to the class and I had fun with the spontaneity and accidental marks.


Animals in Motion

Monotype © Bruce Waldman. All Rights Reserved

Monotype © Bruce Waldman. All Rights Reserved

These two monoprints were completed recently. They are a continuation of a series of pieces of animals in motion that I have been working on for years.