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April 17: Got sidetracked in a hallway afterschool by a freshman student of mine, from bio and advisory, who stopped me with, “Ms. Yu! Do you speak any Spanish??” Because I look like I could be a Spanish-speaker? 167 more words


Yes, This Too is Harassment

Let me tell you a story and how I feel about what happened.

It was the weekend, I met up with a friend for a few drinks. 998 more words


Spring Bloomers that Keep on GOING!

Now why on earth is Team Fine Foliage extolling the praises of FLOWERS you may ask? Because THESE spring blooming perennials have outstanding foliage, either by virtue of… 991 more words


Signs You Need a New MD Roofing System

Residential and commercial properties can often change hands frequently, and the integrity of the roof can go unchecked through several changes of ownership. It is essential that Maryland home and business owners have their roofs inspected every 3-5 years by a MD roofing contractor like HomeTech. 258 more words

Emergency Maryland Roof Repairs

Maryland residents are no strangers to heavy storms, nor the damage that they can cause to their homes. The roof of a Maryland home is especially susceptible to damage from falling debris of all kinds. 157 more words

Got feedback? We're Listening.

If you have ever used our services, please give us feedback on your experience with us. Hom Tech Exterior only wants to be better and always give you the best experience possible. 12 more words

Man Pleads No Contest to Illegal Killing of Deer in Monrovia Neighborhood

A man charged with illegally killing a deer with a bow and arrow in Monrovia in September entered a no contest plea Tuesday, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced. 246 more words

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