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Monsieur Verdoux: The Lost Chaplin Masterpiece

Monsieur Verdoux is one of the only Chaplin films that somehow has been lost in time. For whatever reason it isn’t held with the reverence of his other films such as: The Great Dictator, The Gold Rush, The Kid, Modern Times and City Lights. 714 more words


Charlie Chaplin in MONSIEUR VERDOUX (1947) - Way too lovable of a killer

The following is my entry in the “Contrary to Popular Opinion Blogathon” being held at the blog Sister Celluloid on Jan. 17 and 18. The blogathon’s purpose is to laud some critically  844 more words



Charlie Chaplin: “I suppose that’s one of the ironies of life: doing the wrong thing at the right moment.”

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"MISE-EN-SCÈNE": Chaplin

Hoje continuamos a viagem pelo mundo de Chaplin, que apesar de ter sido um homem extremamente visionário, inicialmente ofereceu alguma resistência ao advento do sonoro. 340 more words


Charlie Chaplin and Monsieur Verdoux

Whenever I stumble upon a Turner Classic Movies‘ Spotlight of Charles Chaplin, I’m compelled to tune in. The Tramp charmed his way into my brain at a prepubescent age, and secured a VIP seat in my heart ever since. 458 more words

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