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Jack the Ripper!

Jack the Stripper!!! 328 more words


Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi, "The Monster of Florence"

“I knew that Mario Spezi had already struggled with the evil expressed by the Monster case. One day, I asked him what he had learned. “Nobody understood evil better than Brother Galileo,” he told me, referring to the Franciscan monk turned psychoanalyst he had turned to for help when the horrors of the Monster case began to drag him under. 391 more words

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Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi, "The Monster of Florence"

“Out of the Everest of evidence in the Monster case, Giuttari had pried out a few pebbles that he felt supported his new theory. First, Lotti had made an offhand statement, ignored at the time, that “a doctor asked Pacciani to do a few little jobs for him.” For Giuttari, this revived the old suspicion that a doctor was responsible for the killings— this time not as the killer himself, but as a mastermind. 333 more words

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Recent Read: The Monster of Florence

A serial killer who targeted young couples on late-night rendezvouses. Two writers who sought to find the truth, only to find themselves a part of the story. 488 more words


Douglas Preston, "The Monster of Florence"

“Myriam urged her husband to seek help, and finally he agreed. Instead of going to a psychiatrist, Spezi, a devout Catholic, turned to a monk who ran a small mental-health practice out of his cell in a crumbling eleventh-century Franciscan monastery. 135 more words

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Note: Ute is a German girl’s name, the female equivalent of Otto, pronounced Oo-te, and derived from the word uod meaning wealth or fortune

The last time Ute called was one Sunday morning. 2,174 more words

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"Next door serial killer" arrested in Italy

Mr Riccardo Viti is the portrait of the ordinary Italian man. He works as a plumber, he has a common law wife and a son. His criminal record is perfectly clean. 72 more words

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