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Kyle’s beard gained sentience on a Monday.

The beard peeled itself from Kyle’s face and snapped at him. Kyle fled in fear.

Overcome with hunger, the beard crawled through the office, seeking to add to its girth. 210 more words


Nian (Finale)

‘Black powder’ acquired, now a torch. My focus span broke at the moment when the bellows of the tiled beasts shaken the vicinity of the village, my grip on the trees slipped, and I fell a few feet away from the beasts. 684 more words


Presentation in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

While The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Tobe Hooper, 1974) is iconic and well regarded as a whole, the film does not pride itself on flashy presentations or slow builds. 1,390 more words


Review | Victor Frankenstein - 2015

From Igor’s point of view he tells the story of Victor Frankenstein. Igor is a young man with a distortion who crosses paths with Frankenstein, where the latter is visiting the London circus. 915 more words

Film Review


The deep fog reaching across swathes of the country caused some consternation this morning. This prompted a Government spokesperson to reassure the general public that all is well. 95 more words


The Monster’s Return

My little daughter goes to sleep.
I hope that monster doesn’t creep
Back to her bed to say, “Hello!”
She tells me that it’s wicked, though. 89 more words