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The Flesh! In which I pit my love for Goldblum against my dislike of gore and watch The Fly

Clever writer Rachael Acks hosted me on her blog today. I watched The Fly and wrote some thoughts on it. I made it through, but barely. Read the post here.

Strange Monsters

The Puppet

The Puppet

Hide and cower and skulk away
Run and flee and hold still
Avoid the grasp of the terror mask
Sweat and panic and be afraid… 139 more words

February Era

Milky Way "Winged Space Monster"

Something about the The Milky Way Project has a tendency to produce some spooky-looking images. “A fearsome winged monster coming at the camera with open mouth,” user nbailey suggested for… 30 more words

Citizen Science

July 28, 2015: Thermo

I get up at seven thirty and watch Married with Children till Kimmie picks me up. We head to the hut and I check the truck order to make sure everything is there before running over to Dollar General for a Monster. 205 more words

Kearjun was Kind Enough to let Me Ladle Paint onto YouZha.

I am offering these ghastly, gruesome gore goblins up for sale just five days from now. HERE if you’re looking. These beasties are called YouZha, Spoiled Meat YouZha to be exact, designed by the mysterious Kearjun, a young artist from Beijing, China. 127 more words