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The Hate

The gravity was noticeably weaker on this new planet, and any novelty the colonists had found in the slower falls and higher ascents was quickly wearing off. 5,551 more words


a vegan halloween

Some of my favorite memories are around holidays.  Since my mother passed away when I was in high school, I cherish those memories.  My mother loved the holidays and any excuse to celebrate life.   302 more words

Back Roads And Mason Jars

13 Tales of Terror: Vacant

The room was empty, except for a spider skittering across the floor. It didn’t make it very far.

“Damn bugs,” McDermott growled, scraping his boot across the floor boards. 267 more words

Short Stories

74 Are You Challenging Me?

My tongue burns from the tea I drank too quickly, but the burning from you insult is worse. Sitting there with your can of Monster energy drink like it is nothing. 173 more words


13 Stories of Halloween: Running Late

Join in the Halloween fun here!

“We’re going to be late!” Joseph yelled up the stairs. He heard the closet door slam shut, followed by footsteps shuffling over to the stairs. 2,293 more words

New Arrival



Lv : 65
Hp : 152.000
Attack : 1215 – 1565
Brute Fire1 Large
(Str 78 Agi 70 Vit 85 Int 66 Dex 90 Luk 85) 24 more words