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Godzilla at the Beach

My favorite activity in the whole world is beach napping.

Towel laid down, a cold beer, and the sound of sand grains grinding together as people crunch past. 394 more words

Marine Science

#Yugioh Card Review - Firewall Dragon

So Link monsters were a big thing and then…dragons. Dragons make every new monster card classification scarier. Think that normal monster is scary? Here’s a dragon! 489 more words



She should have figured it out earlier.

She’d met him at the local Y. It was late and she’d just finished her workout. He was manning the juice counter. 170 more words


Monster Kitchen and Bar – Canberra – Thursday 30 March 2017 – Dinner

“Striking” is a good way to describe more than one aspect of Monster Kitchen and Bar. In a way, it is aptly named because it is an absolute beast. 758 more words

Video - Summary of Frankenstein

Hi guys!

I found this interesting video made by SparkNotes on YouTube. It is a good summary of Shelley’s Frankenstein.



#Yugioh Card Review - Trigate Wizard

Cyberse Link is a Japanese structure deck slated for June 17th and while only a few cards have been revealed so far, Trigate Wizard is one of them. 720 more words


Late night lividness

It’s 3:00 AM right now. The hour of the insomniacs.

Hey little kid in the dimly lit street. You’re crying. I see you. But I cannot come out and help out. 87 more words