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The Hemingway approach...

I use to write every single night. I would stay up until the sunlight started peeping up over the horizon, typing away on this old gigantic electric typewriter for most of my teenage life. 138 more words


Fictional Characters I Would Totally Fuck - Part 11: Spike

I love fiction. I read a lot. I watch a lot of TV and movies. And I write fiction. Something you may have noticed about these posts (or derived from the title of my blog) is that I tend to like monsters. 1,422 more words

Popular Fiction

22 GOING ON 94

Anyone can be abducted. Even you, you smirking jackal.

Why did you smirk when you looked at me in the outside world? Why? I won’t offer you multiple choices prompting an answer. 213 more words

Science Fiction

"Primitive" by Richard F. Yates

Ghost, Flying Eyeball, Monster… WE ARE PRIMITIVE.

—Richard F. Yates


New Agent Carter Images

February 16 brings TWO episodes of Agent Carter set to air back-to-back in a two hour block. Life of the Party and Monsters promise more conflict between Peggy Carter and Whitney Frost. 74 more words

Dungeons 2 Is Making Its Console Debut On PS4, Now Take Charge Of Your Dominion

First there was the underworld with dungeons and those pesky heroes, then evil extended its bony fingers to ‘Evilfy’ the green and pleasant overworld (all those poor unicorns…). 436 more words