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GUEST BLOGGER Patricia Elliott

Patricia Elliott writes novels for older children and young adults. Some of them are fantasies and some are thrillers with a historical setting, mixed with suspense and romance. 316 more words


Fire Sale {Part Three}

She thought it was thunder, at first, but when it came with no lightning, she knew better. The trees were dancing on the mountainside, and the clouds were billowing from the mouth of a certain cave. 621 more words


The Story Behind THE ZOMBIES

After being shipwrecked for over 40 days and living off the fruits on a deserted island, a small band of soldiers stumbled upon an old abandoned lab. 127 more words

Fred Haynes

From the mists of time: "Wolfen"

1981 was a banner year for werewolf movies. I’m sure there’s a perfectly fascinating thesis to be written about why this was the case—maybe it was a reaction to beard-friendly ‘70s, maybe it had something to do with cocaine or Vietnam or Reagan or something—whatever the case, 1981 gave us… 1,049 more words

Movie Reviews

complete Monsters

I actually finished this… last Friday? But life happens, as life often does.

Given that it’s the next month, I will not be white texting. 177 more words

American Monsters and How to Destroy Them - SoundCloud

Listen to American Monsters and How to Destroy Them by The Lemme Listen Podcasts #np on #SoundCloud

An improv mock radio show in the theme of Coast to Coast A.M. 75 more words