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Art-Tastic Tuesday: Bestiary Cover, by Diego Gisbert Llorens

Click the picture below for full-size. On Art-Tastic Tuesdays I feature a selected piece of visual art that I have come across. These are pieces that have inspired my writing or beautifully frame some concept or another that I have already written or want to write about.

75 more words

Level ELEVEN, I Say

Some tactics and location-fight spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn


I got nothing. Between giving all my money to a very nice Irish man to redo my driveway, the doctor being 45 minutes late at the pediatrician, and all three of my children being in a phase where they NEVER STOP TALKING by the time game time rolled around I was too tired to do much of anything except sit like a blob watching baseball hoping that I could stay awake to have dinner with Mrs. 2,782 more words

Monster walk 2017

It was slightly chilly for a spring afternoon as the creatures crawled out of their holes and congregated in the back patio of the 5 o’clock lounge for their annual food drive and monster walk. 527 more words

The Damsel in distress

She runs as fast as she could,

her legs burning.

she dare not look behind

for the monsters might be behind her.

Her chassis adorns scars no one could see. 183 more words

Cambridge - Worth a Punt!

I’ll be honest with you… Paddy and Plunkett were more than a little miffed that Explorer Beastie didn’t invite them along on his recent trip to Copenhagen… 419 more words


Fantastic Beasts, boys, and magic... It doesn't take much to win me over.

Hey, remember that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie? I somewhat do. I mean, I really enjoyed it when I saw it in theaters and drew the image above thinking it’d be nice to talk about on the blog. 842 more words