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  • You can use any monsters you’d like- cute monsters, not so cute monsters… it’s all your choice- and compare them each with a book!
  • 323 more words
Books And Reading

The Oarman 

A lost oarman drifted with his oar over the wine-dark sea, his galley having been wrecked not long after it had departed from a burning city in the east. 611 more words

2 Pounds

into the stillness

into the silence

casting out tiny touches

collecting minds eyes

sight is confounded

unless viewed from an angle

into this brave night

I bellow my pleasure

Poetic Words

You Should be Watching Stranger Things

…but don’t tell me anything about it because I haven’t watched it yet.

For the last week I have had too many people ask me if I have watched this new, hit series available only on Netflix. 465 more words

Friday Freebies (7/29): A Long Journey off a Short Pier (6 Short Stories)


EXP: Joyride

Done with the beer race, Mike unlocked the door to the house; and the two boys scampered inside.

Once inside, they began to scan the place for the keys to the garage and the keys to the car. 533 more words