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The Area Code of the Beast: I’m Sorry, but You Dialed the Wrong Number

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell” – Oscar Wilde

Don’t you hate it when you dial the wrong demon?  417 more words



A creature creeps and crawls at night about,

with something most have one only fitted out.

It has both hands, long and lithe,

all the better to grasp and grip you with. 165 more words


New 'Doctor Who' Timeline - The Ice Warriors

Hello everyone! :)

I’ve now added a new ‘Doctor Who’ timeline to ‘The Monsters’ Timelines Index’. This is a timeline for the Ice Warriors, the Martians from Mars in the… 58 more words

Doctor Who

A Rumbling

There’s a rumbling down the alley.

A low and earthy moan.

Some kind of monstrosity,

Has risen from its’ tomb.

There is no use in running; 15 more words

Creative Writing

Part One

When I woke up I was in haze, which is not something that happens with me. Ever. The first thing that caught my eye when my vision cleared was that there was no one else in the warehouse with me. 734 more words


The Rat In The Alcove


The following day at work felt like he was on a high dose of codeine syrup. Lunch came and Robert stayed at his desk to eat the usual soggy sandwich, feeling as if leaving his cubicle before the delivery would be a punishable offense by some type of reaper like figure. 2,645 more words