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The LEGO Adventure Book, Vol. 4: Monsters, Mecha & More by Megan H. Rothrock Get set for LEGO building and adventure!take you on an exciting journey and Imeiside, ebooks lego adventure book vol 3 pdf lego adventure book vol name the lego adventure book, vol 4: monsters, mecha & more! 257 more words


Memories don't die

Yeah..!!! She is alive , she survived among those monsters but still that fear shook her from inside.

She was quite

She was numb and she know she did mistakes being silent at that moment. 120 more words


Understanding Owlbears

Owlbears are one of my favorite critters, and it’s one of the few creatures in Dungeons & Dragons that looks exactly how you think it would. 601 more words


My Favorite Scene: Pacific Rim (2013) "Gipsy Danger vs. Leatherback"

Pacific Rim may not be del Toro’s best work, but you can’t help but admire the unabashed enthusiasm of it.¬† Like a little kid with a $100 million budget to make a film about giant monsters fighting giant robots, del Toro goes over-the-top all the way from beginning to end, and if you put your brain in a jar, it’s just a ton of fun.¬† 147 more words


Crom the Barbarian's Foes for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG/OSR games

I love making monsters. Specifically, when I come across a compelling creature in movies, books, or comics, I love translating them to roleplaying games, be it alien species from the new movies for the old WEG Star Wars game, or cosmic horrors for Call of Cthulhu. 1,356 more words


Having fun in Bolota's Castle- our English Learning Area

The Portuguese¬†children have been spending time in Bolota’s castle- our special English Learning Area. They’ve been decorating the area with giant monsters, writing sentences about the monsters, playing with the toys and games, dressing up and singing our new song about Bolota which we’re going to share with all our partner countries soon!

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