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Top 10 Ray Harryhausen monsters

I grew up watching films like Valley of Gwangi and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. The standout feature of films like these were not the acting or the script but the wonderful monsters that terrorised the protagonists. 554 more words


The art of movie making essentially is a sleight of hand trick. The filmmaker’s craft is convincing the audience that what they’re seeing is real, in a limited sense. 753 more words

Bad Movie Reviews

Arrow Review #50 - Angelfall

Angelfall By Susan Ee

Rating: 3/5 Stars
Series: Penryn & the End of Days, #1
Length: 283 Pages
Purchase: [Amazon] | [ 583 more words

Scars and monsters

Passion attracted you, passion drove you away. My many eccentricities used to charm you, and now these charming characteristics are what you call monsters. I didn’t drink much last night, just wine at the vineyard. 73 more words


The Bowling Ball People

I was always the first one at the alley on Bowling Night. We all agreed to meet there at 20:00, but I made sure to arrive there by 19:30 at the latest, so I could have some time to myself before the game starts, and to buy a round at the bar, ready for the guys when they got there. 731 more words


Powder and Teeth


I stared into the darkness, forcing my eyes open despite the rain being lashed into them. Every light had been extinguished to keep us hidden, but our foe wouldn’t lose us so simply.   918 more words

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