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Written by Lacey Diluvio

‘Do you have the rock?’ I questioned, glancing up at the stone-cold monster that was attempting to bargain. He sat behind a grey desk with his human collectibles before him, a set of ears, a gnarly tooth, a fistful of hair, and lucky last, a black eye. 1,209 more words


A Disjointed Post Is Better Than None At All

Oh what a difference a day makes!  Yesterday I was so ambitious!  I came home from work, mowed the front lawn, did the dishes, mended a pair of work pants, made my lunch, did a good blog post (or do I flatter myself?), and even had time to lounge on the deck with my husband. 262 more words


Poesy the Monster Slayer

We read an early review copy provided by the publisher.
Sam and Alex reviewed this book!

Cory Doctorow and Matt Rockefeller team up to give the youngest horror fans out there a new story to love in… 619 more words

Graphic Novels

Wandering Monks and Crimson Heads - Why Your Horror Story Should Be Set In A Mansion

In the later stages of the ghost-hunting survival horror video game “Fatal Frame”, released on PlayStation 2 in 2001, there’s an interesting encounter that the player might come across. 4,657 more words


[Netflix Review] Stranger Things Season 2 (2017) ★★★★★

Stranger Things turns eighties nostalgic science fiction adventure into cosmic horror. 1,323 more words