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So this is big one, that I’m probably going to write about several times. Being in a relationship can be really difficult when you have depression or anxiety, especially when your partner doesn’t understand them that well. 621 more words


Pokémon Go Players Are Making Themed Gyms With The New Update

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In the main Pokémon games, every gym had a shtick, or at least a type affinity. In real-life Pokémon Go gyms, players often had to face the same handful of monsters over and over again. 416 more words


Unpopular Opinions: The Monster Hunter Series Became Too Easy After Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

In recent years, Japanese games, mainly Japanese Role Playing Games(JRPG’s), have become increasingly popular in the western world. Over the last decade, they have slowly transformed from a small, niche genre of gaming to one of the more prominent genres, rapidly approaching the popularity of other Triple A games in the western world. 992 more words


To what extent is Artificial Intelligence a monstrous synthesis of Western culture and values?

The postmodern world is a territory of widespread deconstruction and reconstruction of life patterns, intense decontextualization, and dramatic scientific change. In the 21st century, technology has the power to denature most phenomena, as well as most living creatures, often for the sake of a grand, ambiguous project known as progress (Haraway, 1992). 3,119 more words

Twilight Eyes

There was a time when I went through a spooky book phase. One that kind of stuck with me, although not with tons of details so forgive if I get anything wrong, is Dean Koontz’s “ 122 more words