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Monstrous Monday During Dateline

I open with a picture of a brain, because mine seems to be taking the day off (cue jokes like “What else is new?”).  I have been knitting and watching… 298 more words


Review: Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Dragon Gate

Review: Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Dragon Gate by D.C. McGannon and C. Michael McGannon

About the book

The attack on Hunter’s Grove High School by a Greater demon and the bully Donnie Wickles delivered a crushing blow to Charlie Sullivan, his friends, their families, and their once quiet, peaceful community. 496 more words



I like that word “demonstrable.” It often makes me think of monsters, perhaps naughty monsters up to no good. If you look at the word it actually begins with “demons” and ends with “rable,” so such imaginings make a certain amount of sense. 832 more words

Here Be Monsters: Producing Tangibly Minatory Creatures in Video Games

Ever since they first began making sense of the world they inhabited and their very purpose on it, humans have been exposed to various tribulations, both internal and external, that have cast a shadow on both the psyche of the individual and civilization as a whole. 3,543 more words

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Poem - Bad Days

The monsters came in

When I gave away my power

There wasn’t much room

So they pushed things out

Out went my self worth

And my sense of sanity… 40 more words

The Lords of Monsters

Image of human
Power of a monster
Soul of a demon
The vampires rule all
Who live in the shadows
And feed on the edges… 139 more words


My Reoccurring Nightmare

I’ve been having this weird reoccurring nightmare. The thing is I’m not up on all that dream interpretation jargon. My brain keeps trying to tell me something, but I keep missing the point. 2,530 more words