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Sunday Thoughts (Inspired Prose/Peom): Do Not Be Afraid

Do Not Be Afraid

Have you ever thought

how truly terrible

telepathy would be?

To read and feel and

know a fellow sinner,

a fellow monster’s, 245 more words

Abby Jones

Monsters under the Bed

“There is a monster under my bed.”A common phrase said by kids the world over when they feel scared sleeping alone. To a child’s imaginative mind the monster maybe anything from a stuffed toy with a frightening visage to a trick of light and shadow. 206 more words

Monkimun animal builder.

Children’s imagination is so important to them that what better way to encourage it then an app that gets them to create a silly monster? There is no limit to how many eyes, noses or even legs you can put on the monsters. 145 more words


Finishing Uncharted 1

Significant spoilers for the end of Uncharted 1, some spoilers for the beginning of Uncharted 2


I got nothing. I’m at chapter 2, but I’m gonna replay chapter one just so I can imagine it with Alistair and Morrigan, which, basically, makes me so very happy. 3,925 more words