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The Horror Makeup

When you are a special effect makeup artist, you have to develop your skills by practicing on people that are kind enough to accept to be your model… well, sometimes they are chosen by me to volunteer and this is how it goes when you are published in a local newspaper! 206 more words


Day 24. 30 Days of Biking

Bushwhacker to Leaves ‘n Beans–the cafe, not the bean repository down the street at Trefzeger’s Baker–in Peoria Heights.

Single-speeding it. No-handsing it. Witnessing the world’s many marvels, including the sheer number of business cards on display at LNB. 16 more words

Report From The Road

Palette Swap

Time to get setup for work. Get a set of disposable cups, tissues, cotton balls, sponges, and paper towels all in a neat row. Well, to be honest, as neat as it is going to get. 370 more words


Be Nice to Dead People: Professor Junker and the Reanimated Corpse

“The companionship of dead writers is a wonderful form of live friendship” ― Julian Barnes

Life as a 18th Century anatomy professor could be tough. It was one of those career choices that while relatively prestigious, required a certain talent for procuring corpses. 1,772 more words


Another Book Update!

Hey everybody! It’s been a few weeks, so I thought y’all might like an update (spoiler alert: I am actually a tad bit southern, sorry). 408 more words