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Monster Madness

I’m a bit late with this post but wanted to give a heads up to anyone who doesn’t already know that the Amigurumi Monsters book is now available to order from… 671 more words

Princes of the Apocalypse Part 19

Welcome back readers,

In this session my crew had an encounter with the dragon they were quested to kill. But there was a hidden twist to the condition of the beast. 186 more words


The Room

Photo: (Street Walkers – Aaron Johnson)

Anxiety and depression wrapped neatly in the corner creeping closer

I might die in this room

Or you might lead the way out… 36 more words

Lizard Men

The Lizard Man, or Lizard Men, are not a specific type of cryptid, but the term is used instead to describe a broad spectrum of bipedal hominid-like reptilian people. 167 more words

In America

The Flatwoods Monster

#FreeBraxxie — The Flatwoods Monster first appeared to residents of Flatwoods, West Virginia, on 12 September 1952. We visited him while questing for a cemetery in the area on 17 August 2017. 138 more words

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