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From The Dark (2014)

It’s time to play Name That Creature!

Vampire? Ghoul? Revenant? Other?

A reasonably attractive couple experiences car trouble while touring the Irish countryside. This wouldn’t normally be a big deal, except their mishap coincides with the accidental resurrection of an undead dude by a clumsy sod farmer. 231 more words


Review: Pathfinder 2E - Bestiary 2

If we’re being honest, as far as much of the Pathfinder fanbase is concerned this review could probably be one paragraph long. It would read: “Lots more monsters, decently written, with good art.” 593 more words


Shackles - poem

I am bound to this earth
I am tied up with chains
And thrown into a cave
Expected to not scream
Expected to calm down… 133 more words

Bleed in Colors

~most find serenity
in being one person
others are amphibious
lead double lives
when you are three or more 
it can become psychopathic
i am many people… 19 more words

Monsters in the Making: A fun kids craft

My parents gave our daughter a craft book for Christmas last year: Art Sparks by Marion Abrams, Hilary Emerson. My daughter and I both love this book. 241 more words


Magic Resistance

Since the release of 5th Edition D&D, many have decried that one issue of D&D that has existed in all but one edition* was not fixed or properly addressed: the disparity between martial characters and spellcasters. 1,216 more words


Biweekly Monster-Half Dragon Beasts

Let’s talk about the Half-Dragon template. Talk about a way to make a legendary creature living in an area of your world unique without having to give them their own stat block or plan how they are different tactically! 352 more words