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A Picnic in Hyde Park (from Turn of Midnight Waters)

July 1926. After an eventful night hunting angels in the streets of Woolloomooloo, the party took repose with a picnic in Hyde Park, opposite the Australia Museum, ‘neath huge, multi-trunked fig trees. 22 more words


"Monstrum Femina"

Just some random 3am stuff. Spooky shit happens ’round that time, I’m told.

It started as some doodle when I was experimenting with GIMP plugins and it became this. 11 more words

The beating of black wings: On building a systemless-inspired horror game

Luke Jordan, Pip Hughes and I are currently writing an Apocalypse World-derived horror game we’re calling Monstrum – ex umbra in lucem. It stems from our work on Turn of Midnight Waters (TOMW), and shares the basic motivation of formalising elements of the Australian Systemless tradition in a more structured way. 1,473 more words


Danish playground brilliance

The New Zealand Herald published a short piece today about the amazing playgrounds created by a Danish company called Monstrum. I’ve just been checking out the Monstrum website, and their work is incredible – inspirational design ideas for playground designers everywhere. 360 more words

Amazing Playgrounds