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[Publication] Monstrum: Journal of Studies in Horror

MONSTRUM (ISSN 2561-5629) is an annual, open-access academic journal publishing original, peer-reviewed scholarship in horror and related areas, in English or French, by developing and established scholars working on cinema, television, literature, media studies, popular culture, genre, philosophy, cultural studies, and other fields.

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A Picnic in Hyde Park (from Turn of Midnight Waters)

July 1926. After an eventful night hunting angels in the streets of Woolloomooloo, the party took repose with a picnic in Hyde Park, opposite the Australia Museum, ‘neath huge, multi-trunked fig trees. 22 more words


"Monstrum Femina"

Just some random 3am stuff. Spooky shit happens ’round that time, I’m told.

It started as some doodle when I was experimenting with GIMP plugins and it became this. 11 more words

The beating of black wings: On building a systemless-inspired horror game

Luke Jordan, Pip Hughes and I are currently writing an Apocalypse World-derived horror game we’re calling Monstrum – ex umbra in lucem. It stems from our work on Turn of Midnight Waters (TOMW), and shares the basic motivation of formalising elements of the Australian Systemless tradition in a more structured way. 1,473 more words