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Bad Dudes

Woke up Monday morning to the news that two fugitives were holed up somewhere around Big Twig.  They were on the run and had abandoned their car and headed into the hills.  427 more words

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A Call to Action: H.R. 621

Right now, your public lands are under siege. Sounds dramatic, I know, but it’s the truth.  H.R. 621 is a bill that has been introduced to the House of Representatives by Utah representative… 560 more words

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The Detrimental Effect of Procrastination on Gardening

(And what I’m doing about it.)

Anyone who knows me for the procrastinator that I am, probably won’t believe this, but I’ve already got my garden planned for this coming season… 365 more words

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Since Education is back in the news because of the appointment of a Dutch Calvinist from my neck of the woods, I thought it might be a good time for people to examine just what is an “education”. 564 more words

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So It Begins

First of all, why Montana?

Over the last few years living and working in Orlando, Spencer and I had talked a lot about starting our lives in several different areas in Central Florida. 978 more words

Marines in their blues

For me, few things are as inspiring as seeing United States Marines in their dress blues. They look sharp. And strong. And good. All the qualities that remind me of my father (Sgt. 86 more words

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The hardest days to be a photographer are ones when you have to photograph someone’s tragedy.

Last night a fire in a dumpster (possibly fireworks set off by kids) led to a fully engulfed structure fire that destroyed the Sapa-Johnsrud Babe Ruth Field stadium in Columbia Falls. 955 more words

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