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Copper Time

So. I have a confession. I’m a terrible goat mom, and in the two years I’ve owned goats, I have not once given them a copper bolus. 262 more words

Montana Life

Beating The Bunny Slope

Last Saturday my wife and I went rock climbing with some of my coworkers. One of my coworkers used to be a rock climbing instructor but the rest of us had never done it the proper way. 331 more words

Outdoor Adventures

Accepted By Mountains

I’m from North-Western Montana, an area dominated by mountains that don’t leave much filler landscape. I love to look at the mountains, to climb them, and even to drive through them. 171 more words

Outdoor Adventures

Happy Father's Day

Hello all and welcome to my broadcast of: The Week. My name is Elder Madsen and I’ll be your host this evening.
His week was good. 215 more words

Bozeman, MT

How 'bout them weather

It sure has been a rainy week. Stark contrast against the weeks of heat just experienced. As I write this email, it is literally raining the whole ocean on Bozeman. 340 more words

Bozeman, MT

TG Jakes and Elk Rings

Hey guys!
Sorry for the lack of a letter last week. Also sorry for the short letter to follow. We have had literally zero time today for really anything. 262 more words

Bozeman, MT