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The dream of owning your own ski area is now attainable in Oregon, Montana

Have you ever wanted to buy a ski resort? Now’s your chance. Two ski areas recently joined the ranks of for sale properties. Sprout Springs, Oregon went on the market for $ 1.25 million and Marshall Mountain, Montana is also for sale for $ 2.95 million. 10 more words

Impact - a cautionary tale of bush flying gone wrong

Here’s an interesting story of a bush flight that didn’t go quite according to expectation. A pilot and passenger executing a low level wildlife survey flight find themselves in a bit of bother when the passenger declares he needs a ‘comfort stop’ and the pilot decides to land off airport. 69 more words


Not only people, but sometimes places can feel like they were just made for you

Yellowstone Park: Mama Elk (and Babies)

Several female elk were chilling in a meadow along a hiking trail at Yellowstone Park.  While making sure to keep my minimum 25 yards distance, I noticed that they seemed largely nonchalant about my presence, but yet still watchful.   34 more words



Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve been privileged enough to visit quite a few places. Oh, not nearly as many as some people, I know. 496 more words


The History of Pierce Companies

The History Of Pierce

In 1928, George R. Pierce decided to begin selling used cars for himself. He decided to rent the west half of the building located at 30TH and Montana Avenue in Billings, MT, where the original Pierce Flooring store would eventually be located. 737 more words


One My Favorite Vistas in Montana

I have only lived in Montana for 13 years now, somewhat of a new comer compared to many others. Unlike most folks I have had the privilege of traveling the state intensively and have visited almost all,  if not every one, of the 56 counties.   113 more words